Hadeel Hassan Osman Ahmed

Name:Hadeel Hassan Osman Ahmed
Address:M.Sc. chemistry


Basic education


University                   : Sudan University of science and technology.

Faculty                        : Faculty of medical and science laboratory.

Department                : Chemistry laboratory science.

Grade                         : first class.

Graduation Project   : Analysis of some food oils.

Univ.Degree               : B.Sc. in chemistry laboratory 22- November-2007

University                   : Al Gezira.

Faculty                        : Engineering and technology.

Department                : Chemistry.

Grade                         : 3.82.

Univ.Degree               : postgraduate diploma in chemistry 19- June -2011

University                   : Sudan University of science and technology.

Faculty                        : Graduate study.

Department                : Chemistry.

Graduation Project   : Synthesis of some β-amino aceto phenone derivatives

Univ.Degree               : M.Sc. chemistry 01- October-2015



2007-2012                     : Teaching assistant Sudan University of science and technology

department of chemistry.

2009-2010                     : Teaching assistant Omdurman Islamic University department of


2010- 2016                    : Teaching assistant and technical laboratory International

University of Africa department of biochemistry.

2016- Present                : lecturer International University of Africa department of                       biochemistry.

Training and workshops


Training course on    : GC; MS; HPLC; UV-visible spectrophotometer and atomic


Held in                      : 09/09/2012-13/092012

At                              : Ministry of Science and technology central lab

Training course on    : Analysis of water and oils

Held in                      : 21/03/2008-04/04/2008

At                              : National electricity corp.

Workshop on            : Chemo informatics and genomics

Held in                      : 4/4/2015 to 9/4/2015

At                              : Sudan University of science and technology.

Workshop on            : Computer aided drug design

Held in                      : 13/6/2015 to 17/6/2015.

At                              : Sudan University of science and technology

Research Interests


Synthesis of organic compounds




Computational chemistry


Molecular modeling

Personal Competence


  • Team work spirit and co-operation
  • Hard worker under stress
  • Good Communication, Presentation, and Leadership skills.
  • Self-Planning and time management.
  • Ability to face and solve problems
  • Ambitious and hard worker.



  • Lectured, directed, and taught advanced lessons, provided presentation support, trained apprentices and developed courses’ material and tools.
  • Advised and supervised students in their research work and complex assignments.
  • Prepared new study materials and development programs for undergraduate students



  • Assuring safety of laboratory operations by complying with safety manual procedure.
  • Sharing ideas and providing technical support to scientific staff in other task as needed.
  • Spectrophotometer, Flam photometer, electrophoresis, PH meter and Conductivity meter.
  • Extraction, distillation and separation.
  • Docking Software (Sybyl).
  • Bioinformatic software.
  • Samples and reagents preparations.



Name: Prof.Dr. Ahmed Elsadig Mohammed

Work title:  Sudan University of science and technology faculty of science department of


Mobile number: 0912218596

Name: Dr. Fatima Alsamani

Work title: International University of Africa faculty of medicine department of biochemistry

Mobile number: 0915545145

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