Abdalla Mohamed Abdelrahman Saad

Abdelrahman Saad Abdalla Mohamed

Name:Abdelrahman Saad Abdalla Mohamed
Date of birth:1970– Elloatta – North El-gazira
Address:University of Africa Faculty of Medicine
Phone:+971507503868/ +971588509100



Mb, Bs: Kuban State Medical Academy Russian Federation-1999

Master of Anatomy and human morphology, University of Khartoum -2006

Clinical M.D. in general surgery -Sudan medical Specialization Board-2009

Occupation & Experience:

Current Job : Assistant professor of  General surgery at Ibrahim Malik teaching

Hospital ,Unit of International University of Africa, June 2016 till now .

 1 – Internship doctor:

obstetric & Gynecological : Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital ,  Khartoum, Sudan

pediatrics : Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital , Khartoum, Sudan 

pediatrics surgery : in Soba University Teaching Hospital , Khartoum, Sudan

General surgery : Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital , Khartoum, Sudan

Orthopedics : Military Hospital , Khartoum, Sudan

Medicine : Khartoum Teaching Hospital , Khartoum, Sudan


2 –Teaching Assistant (tutor) : in problem base learning (PBl) International University of Africa (IUA) since 2003 till now 


3 – Teaching Assistant (demonstrator) : in Anatomy department in International University of Africa (IUA) since 2002-2006


4 – Medical officer : khartoum teaching hospital 2002-2004


5 – Master degree of Human morphology  :  University of Khartoum-2006 


6 – Lecturer : in Anatomy department International University of Africa (IUA) since 2006


7 – Assistant professor : in Anatomy department International University of  Africa (IUA) since 2009 


8 – Assistant professor : in surgery department International University of Africa (IUA) since 2011


9 – Part-1 in the clinical M.D. in general surgery -Sudan medical Specialization Board-2004


10 – Surgical Registrar : Khartoum, Ibn-Sina & Soba Teaching Hospitals 2004-2007


11 – Part-2 in the clinical M.D. in general surgery -Sudan Medical  Specialization Board-2009


12 – General surgeon : Ibrahim Malik teaching Hospital Mr. Mustafa Sidahmed unit since June 2009 -2013


13 – General surgeon : Salamat Hospital since January 2010-2012 


14 – General surgeon : Alfuad specialized  Hospital since June  2013-2015 


15 – General surgeon:  Zenam specialized  Hospital and Centre in diabetic diseases diabetic complications since June 2012 -2015




Courses & Conferences Attended

1. Workshops on Community Oriented Medical Education /  Problem  Based Learning  Faculty  of  Medicine  /  International  University  of  Africa  Years 2002– 2004 – 2005 – 2006 – 2007-2012

2. 12th Conference of Sudanese Association Conference of Surgeons (2010)

3. Workshops on clinical audit Sudan medical specialization board  (SMSB) 2009

4. Third Conference of Sudanese Association Conference of Gastroenterology (2012)

5. Workshops on Community Oriented Medical Education /      Item design and  analysis  of  multiple  choice  questions(MCQs)    Faculty  of  Medicine  /International University of Africa Years 2010

6. Coordinator of Human and cell biology course since 2006 until 2010

7. Coordinator of Gastrointestinal course since 2010 until today

8.  Workshops  on  Community  Oriented  Medical  Education  /  Team  Based

Learning Faculty of Medicine / International University of Africa Years 2014

9. Research in club foot 2006.

10. Research in pattern of presentation of haemangioma 2007

11. Supervised one Undertgraduate Students for Thesis (in complications of  dialysis in end stage renal disease ).



Professor Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Abdelgalil: Professor of surgery University of Khartoum.

Professor Khalid Yagi: Professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery University of Khartoum.

Professor  Omer  Alaadil  Dean  Faculty  of  medicine  International  University  of Africa.

Professor  Abuzeid  Ata  Elmannan  Head  department  of  anatomy  International University of Africa.

Dr.  Alwathig gobara organizer  of  PBL office IUA   general surgeon  Faculty of  medicine International University of Africa.

Professor Bashir Hamad Professor of community medicine and medical education

Faculty of medicine International University of Africa.

Contact info
AddressUniversity of Africa Faculty of Medicine
Phone+971507503868/ +971588509100

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