Ali ElsheikhIdriss Agsam SheikhIdriss

Agsam SheikhIdriss Ali ElsheikhIdriss

Name:Agsam SheikhIdriss Ali ElsheikhIdriss
Date of birth:11 Sep 1979 - الثلاثاء 19 شوال 1399 هـ
Phone:+249 912618730, +249 912110978, +249 0912279048




— April 1999: Secondary School Certificate.


— April 2005: B.SC. In Applied & Industrial Science.

Juba University.


  • March 2011: In Biochemistry. Atomic Energy Council.

Sudan Academy of Sciences


  • December 2013: Professional Diploma in Pharmacology. Golden Care for Language and Management training And Human Resources Development.


  • (Accepted) 2014: PhD. In Biochemistry. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Institute (MAPRI), Sudan Academy of Sciences.

Workshop & Training Course



Date                     2012 E 2013

Company             University of Khartoum- college of Science.

Title                     Lecturer (Biochemistry)



Date                     June 2012E up to date

Company             International University of Africa- Faculty of Medicine

Title                     Lecturer (Biochemistry).




Date                     10/3/2007 E 10/4/2007

Company             The National Centre for Research- (Central Laboratory)

Title                     Chemical Analyst.




Date                     1-11-2010 E 1-7-2011

Company             Moringa and Jetropha Research & Development Group.

Title                     Technical Administration Manager




Date                     1-10-2010 E 1-11-2011

Company             Atomic Energy Commission (Nuclear Applied in

Biology Sciences Institute).

Title                     Chemical Analyst




Date                      5-10-2013 E 19-10-2013

Company              Salah Medicinal Preparations Factory

Title                      Chemical Analyst



Date                     March 2015

Company             Sudan University of Science and Technology & Melody                                               Press International Foundation

Title                     The Art of successful Teacher skills & The Means                                                        Methods of teaching



Date                     23-6-2015 E 30-6-2015

Company             International University of Africa – Faculty of Medicine -Medical    Education Development and Research Centre

Title                     Team Based Learning




Date                     23-6-2015 E 30-6-2015

Company             International University of Africa – Faculty of Medicine -Medical    Education Development and Research Centre

Title                    Methods of Instruction




Date                     13-6-2015 E17-6-2015

Company             University of Science and Technology – Sudanese chemical Society                                      and the college of Science

Title                    Computer Aided Drug Design




Date                     10-1-2016 E 14-1-2016

Company             National Centre for Research- (MABRI)- Microbiology and


Title                    Bioinformatics and Advanced Genomic




Date                     11- 4 – 2016 E 13- 4-2016

Company International University of Africa – Quality & performance promotion Administration

Title                    Using Endenote and its applications in Scientific Research




Date                     25-10-2010 E 27-10-2010

Company             Africa City of  Technology.

Title                     International conference on Applied Biotechnology

Location              Khartoum, Sudan.



Date                     3-12-2013 E 5-12-2013

Company             The 15th Symposium of the Natural Products Research                         Network for Eastern  and  Central Africa.

Title                     Micotiter Plate-based Screening of Novel Targets for NTDs

Location              Khartoum, Sudan.


Date                     7-12-2013 E 10-12-2013

Company              The 15th Symposium of the Natural products  Research           Network for Eastern and Central Africa.

Title                      Natural Products Discovery Focus on the ever increasing                        African health care needs.

Location              Khartoum, Sudan.



Hobbies & Leisure Interests



  • Reading & Drawing
  • Teamwork
  • Initiative
  • Problem solving
  • Flexibility
  • Technical skills
  • Computer skills
    • Language & Communication

Technical Skills



  • Sample Analysis Technique (Quality control)
  • HPLC & GC
  • Spectrophotometer, Flam photometer, Kjeldah Distillation and Digestion Apparatus, Refract meter, PH meter and EC meter and analysis of P, and Oil Extraction.
  • Responsible for Maintaining the Operation of the Technical Department .
  • Measurement of Hormones (RIA).
  • Preparation & Analysis of Drug
  • Expert in developing and Performing Enzyme Assays, Enzyme Kinetics, Enzyme Inhibition& Spectrophotometric Techniques
  • DNA Etraction, PCR
  • Docking Software (Sybyl & Autodock)
  • Bioinformatic software
  • Excellant Skills in Communication and Collaboration


Computer Skills



  • Computer Software, e.g. Office (word, excel, power point access); Internet program; FinchTV, Bioedit; Sybyl, Autodock, Discovery studio, Chem draw, Serial Colonern ammlifix, Chimera.


Research Interests


  • Biochemistry
  • Phytochemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Enzymology
  • Computational chmistry
  • Bioinformatic


u Prof. Asaad Khalid M. Ali Ahmed                               

Jazan University & Associate Research Professor [MABRI].

Tel: + 966 501319782



                          v Dr. Eltayeb M. Eltayeb [AEC].

Assistant Professor (Shagra University)

    Tel: + 249 912357824                


w Dr. Nagi Ahmed Ali

Associate Research Professor- Elmajma University

Tel: +966 501427432


x Dr. Awatif Aleijaimi

Associate Research Professor [MABRI].

Tel: + 249 912282440                


                          y Dr. Omer Abdalah

Standards Approving Laboratories Manager [SSMO].

Tel: +249 9 230 01907


z Nemeat Mohammed Saeed Bushara

University of  Eltaif

Tel: +00966 543081087


                           { Salah Abderahman Abdoun

Head of Moringa and Jetropha Research and Development Group

Tel: +249918108855                        


                          | Dr. Awad M.A Sukrab

Head Manager [SSMO].

Tel: +249 9 12391190

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