Fadlalla ElAbid Ahmed Mohamed

Ahmed Mohamed Fadlalla ElAbid

Name:Ahmed Mohamed Fadlalla ElAbid
Date of birth:1st January , 1953
Address:كلية طب - جامعة افريقيا العالمية


Training and additional courses


Development and applications of RIA, ELISA-Immunoassay

Diagnostic and investigations of hormones in blood and biological material

Certificate of attendance on “Fermented Milks and Nutrition” Finland, School of Dairies.
“Radiation Control Committee Meeting” Participation to university’s staff “Orientation for New Professors” University of Alberta, Canada.
“Food safety and Quality Assurance” Workshop/Conference Meetings; Dubai.2001
Attended seminars and training on “Reproductive Technology” for the years; 2001 and 2002.
Training-the-trainee Workshop, EDC, University of Khartoum, 2006.


Date Position


1975 – 1977 Research Assistant



–        1980 Researcher at the  Central Nutrition  Research Lab.



1980 -1985 Research Student in “Applied Physiology” of the MRC-UK-Fellowship, PhD Registered Candidate



1986-1989 Assistant Professor –University of Juba



1989 Lecturer in Physiology and Coordinator Biological Sciences: Environmental Studies; University of Juba.



1991-1992-1993 Dean College of CNRES, University of Juba. Visiting Professor to the University of Alberta  on a Canadian Grant as Research Facilitator.



–        1993 Promoted to Associate Professor



1994-1999 Dean of Library Affairs, University of Juba.



1999-2004 Department of food safety & Healthcare. Public Health, Dubai. UAE.



        -2005 Visiting Lecturer Ajman Science and Technology-Pharmacy-Physiology.



Nov. 2005 Reappointed, associate professor. University of Juba, Department of Physiology, College of Medicine.



–        2007 Appointed Professor of Physiology –International University of Africa (IUA)



Date Position



April 1975- April 1977 Trainer in Vet. Medicine in Khartoum Teaching Hospital & Central Research Laborotories       



1978 – August 1980 Research Officer in Nutrition Lab.       



– August 1981 Assistant Research Officer in Nutritional Research Lab.                 


PhD degree & Training Date -Year Country






1981-1985 United kingdom
Radio immune assay-Antibody titre Estimation



1980-1981 United kingdom
Radiation Control



1991(3 months) Edmonton-Alberta-Canada
ORIENTATION OF NEW Science PROFESSORS 1991(3 months) Edmonton-Alberta-Canada




·       Physiology

·       Neuroendocrine and Gut physiology

·       Medical education







Awarding Body


Country Date
Attending Events on Radioimmunoassay Prize



TWAS Italy 1983
Scholarship to attend European conference on Farm Animal Applied  Endocrinology



Bulgaria/ International





Visiting-Professor Scholarship



CIA-in association with- FORD FOUNDAITION CANADA 1991
Scholarship to attend the International-Union Physiology conference IUPS Egypt 2010




Training Course/ Workshop



Body Country  Date
Radio immune assay



British Council United Kingdom 1984
Food Safety for Health Professionals



Public Health Department United Arab Emirates (UAE) 2002
Training on Power lab application



AD Instrument Khartoum-Sudan 2007
Training on Adipocytes Enzymology Procedures UCSF Chimera Khartoum 2007



Date Activity


1985-TO DATE TEATCHING undergraduate & postgraduates


1985-TO DATE EXAMINING undergraduate & postgraduates


1975-TO DATE RESEARCH degree rewarding and promoting basic biomedical Science


2007-2016 Curriculum establishment for master programs


Date Position 



2014 – 2016 Head Department of Physiology. Faculty of Medicine. International University of Africa




Upto 30 June 2010 Head Department of physiology-University of Juba



2005 Rejoin- permanant job in the Department of Physiology-Research Project –College of Medicine –University of Juba.



April 1995 Appointed as Dean « Principal Adminstrator for the Directorate of Librarianship, Arabicization and translation-University of Juba.



1989-1992 Appointed Dean for the  College of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences.



Date Establishment  


2015 – 2016 The initiation of Master and Doctorat of Philosophy of Physiological Sciences


2015 Post graduate laboratorian in Physiology Departments, IUA.


Date Activity  


1998-to date Teaching in Faculty of Pharmacy and Dentistry


Since 2007 Partenership in Organization of Medical Education and Curricular Upgrading


Since 2010 Professor – Assigned Full membership  in the Academic Board-Councillor, IUA.

MEMBERSHIP  TO  LEARNED Academic bodies...


Status  Association/ Society 


Town//Country Date
Treasurer The  Sudanese Association of Physiological Sciences


Khartoum/Sudan 2006- 2008
Academic Secretary   The  Sudanese Association of Physiological Sciences


Khartoum/Sudan 2006- 2008
Member of the Senate & College Boards University of Juba


Khartoum/Sudan 1989-1998
Editor-in-Chief Juba Medical Journal (JMJ) Sudan 2005




Status  Association/ Society 


Town/Country Date
Member British physiological society


UK Since 2012 to date
Member Subgroups (EM)&(ED) for the  Association of physiological sciences UK 2012  to date



Status  Seminar/ meeting/ conference/ Public Lecture


Country Date
Presentor Public Lectures on food safety UAE 2003-2004
Supervisor PhD candidate Seminars Sudan 2015-2016
Organizer Society’s Meetings UK-Edinburagh 2012




2-5 July 2012 Edinburgh Conference of the Physiological Society (British)

Membership invitation extended with sub-committee on Endocrinology annual meeting.



March,21-26,2007 The second International Conference on « Medical Education in the Sudan » attended the pre-conference workshop and training activities.



Nov.24-27,2006 The first Scientific Conference on « Recent Advances in the management of infectious and Endemic Diseases » in Sudan.



Aug,28.2001 Training programme and seminars on « Food Safety and Quality Initatives » Policy. The Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai-UAE.



Dec.1997 The 39Th. , Nestle Nutrition Workshop, on « Fetal Endocrine Function, Division of Perinatal Medicine, Vevey-Switzerland. « University Staff Development Program », Witzenhausen, Germany.





Conference on « Arabicization of Science » Ain Shams. Egypt.

Symposium on »University Book Publishing » Khartoum. Sudan.



1993 Conference on « Agriculture Colleges Curricula Structuring in Sudanese Universities” University of ElGezira.Sudan.



March 1989 II International Symposium on « Farm Animal Endocrinology » Czechoslovakia.



1988 The 4th.Congress on « Veterinary Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapy » Budapest, Hungary.



Jan, 1988 Conference on « Draught and Desertification » , Friendship Hall, Khartoum.Sudan.



1983 Conference on «  Sex Hormones », University of Cambridge, England.





Course Title     Credit hours 


Semester/year Faculty
PHYSIOLOGY I 5 Year one Medicine
PHYSIOLOGY 2 5 Year two Medicine
PHYSIOLOGY3 5 Year two Medicine
PHYSIOLOGY 3 Second year Pharmacy and dentistry



Course Title     Credit hours Semester/year Faculty
Gastrointestinal  physiology 3 First  year Medicine-Master of  Physiology
Endocrine physiology 3 Second year Medicine-Master of  Physiology


4 First year Medicine-Master of  Physiology

Course Organiser/Supervision


Course Title     Credit hours Semester/year Faculty
GUT- physiology 3-6 Year II Medicine/Dentistry/Pharm-Laborotories-Nurse
Endocrine physiology 3-6 Year II Medicine/Dentistry/Pharm-Laborotories-Nurse
Growth and Development 2 Year II Medicine/Dentistry/Pharm-Laborotories-Nurse




Undergraduate /Postgraduate

Status Course Title Faculty University


Internal Examiner Physiology Medicine+ pharmacy and Dentistry IUA+Juba+Bahri


1996 to date-
External Examiner Physiology Medicine+

Veterinary Medicine

Khartoum, Elrazi, Juba,Upper Nile, Bahr Elgazal , ElGadarif Universities Medical-Veterinary –Biological & Natural Resources-Environmental Studies Colleges.



1997- to dat


Internal Examiner Master in physiology Medicine/ Veterinary Juba+Bahri+



1996-to date
External examiner for PhD+MSc 2 PhD

6 Msc

Veterinary Medicine University of Khartoum


Since 1986
Supervisor for PhD Predictors  and Conséquences of Metabolic Syndrome in Postmenopausal Sudanes Women. Medicine ElGadarif






Student Groups    Thesis Title Faculty University Date
Batch(no.) 13, 14,15,16,17 and 18 Various community studies Medicine IUA Since  2007





Student Name    Thesis Title University Date
Batch (1)

16 students

Master of Physiology

Endocrine & Gut Physiology International University of Africa



21 students

Master of Physiology

Endocrine & Gut Physiology International University of Africa 2017-2018
Batch (1)

Master of Applied Physiology

Applied Endocrinology University of Khartoum


 Jan. 2017 started






Student name Thesis Title University Date
Asim Alaaeldin Osman Predictors and Consequences of Metabolic Syndrome in Postmenopausal Women El Gadarif Dec.2016


Student Groups    Thesis Title Faculty University Date
Batch(no.) 13, 14,15,16,17 and 18 Various community studies Medicine IUA Since  2007



Master of Science Thesis Title
§  The effect of experimental Fasciola gigantic infection on the performance of male Nubian goats, 1988.
§  The effect of dietary supplementation of ascorbic acid and vegetable oils on the performance of laying hens in hot environment, 1992.
§  Factors affecting forestomach motility and food intake in goats, 1996.
§  Moringa Olivera; Toxicity, safety and haematological indices, 2016



Action Body/country Date
Gonorrhea SUDAN/Community Focus 2010
Chronic Diorrhea SUDAN 2011

Committee Membership & Academic Exchange


Visited and worked with the following foreign departments

  • Department of Veterinary Pharmacology, University of Liverpool, UK.
  • Department of Nutrition, the Rowett Institute, Roseline, Edinburgh, Scotland with Dr. J. Milne.
  • Department of Biochemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland, visiting Dr.Sederholm.

Textbooks & Journal Referee


Journal/ Textbook Date
JMJ. Juba University Journal. Faculty of Medicine, Juba University.

JUJAS. Juba University Journal for Arts and Science (Jujas).




Animal Biology 2011




Previous and Recent Publications List

Years 2009-2016 publications

Abdelatif A.M., El Nageeb, ME, Makawi, S.A. & Fadlalla AM (2009). Blood Constituents in Cycling, Gestating and Lactating (Ovis aries) in Relation to Dietary Supplementation. IDOSI publication, Global Veterinaria 3(3):248-259.



Fadlalla AM. (2009): Endocrinology: Somatostatin and Feed Intake. Juba University Journal  of Arts and Sciences (JUJAS); Vol. 8 (June): 44-53



Fadlalla AM. (2009). Evaluating Sample  Responses of First year  Medical  Physiology Students on Pharmacy and Medicine  Programs. Juba Medical Journal (JMJ). Vol.2(1) in press



Fadlalla AM. Wagiealla, HA and Awadelkarim AH. (2008). Nutrition: The effect of feed restriction on organ to bodyweight ratios and serum constituents. Juba University Journal  of Arts and Sciences (JUJAS); Vol. 7(May): 35-48



Ahmed AM. Hussein, A. Kheir MM, and Fadlalla, AM. (2001). Impact of Diabetes mellitus on Sudanese women. Practical Diabetes International, 2001-doi, wiley. Com.



Review article: Gestational Diabetes; revisited from a gastrointestinal perspective (2015): Sudan Medical Journal (in press…)



Asim Alaaeldin Osman *, Ammar Mohammed Ali Mohammed**, Osman Sadig Bokhari ***, Ahmed Mohamed Fadlalla ****

Adiposity indices as predictors for metabolic syndrome in postmenopausal women. International Journal of Basic and Applied Physiology IJBAP, Vol 1(1) 2016 Page 1




Asim.AO, Osman SB and AM. Fadlalla. REVIEW ARTICLE; Postmenopausal Status as Independent Risk Factor for Metabolic Syndrome




 Osman AA, Bokhari OS, Fadlalla AM. Postmenopausal Status as Independent Risk Factor for

Metabolic Syndrome. J South Asian Feder Menopause Soc 2016;4(1):1-16.

Separate LIST


List of Publications

List update; Articles Published during the years 1985-to-2000



Cysteamine effects on plasma hormone levels in sheep. Ruakura Centre Publications, Hamilton, NZ. 1998.



Distribution of circulating Insulin-Like Growth Factor-(IGF-I) into tissues. The Endocrine Society Abstracts. 1995.



Effect of intracerebroventricular administration of anti-somatostatin serum on regulation of appetite. Institute of Animal Physiology, Slovak Academy of Sciences Publications, Kosice, Proceedings of the II international Symposium. Czechoslovakia, March 1989.



Some effects of Furazolidone and Furaltidone in chickens. 4th. Congress, Budapest, Hungary. Volume 1 (abstracts): Veterinary Pharmacology, Toxicology & Therapy. 28/8-2/9/1988.



The effect of intra-ruminal administration of sugar alcohol on rumen volatile fatty acid “VFAs”, Sudan J. Vet. Sciences 27:12-15.



Changes in the levels of Growth hormone , Insulin, Somatomedin C., and Thyroxine in sheep during  administration against Somatostatin. Endocrinologia Experimentalis: Vol. 21: 299-306 (1987)



Growth studies on a growth hormone deficient dwarf rat and the effect of long term GH treatment. II International Symposium on Farm Animal Endocrinology  at Smolenice Castle, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria . (1986)



The dynamics of plasma catecholamine during experimental load in sheep. Endocrinology Book:: The  Neuro-Endocrine System. Elsevier, Amsterdam (1986).



  A novel approach to growth promotion using auto-immunization against somatostatin. III Effect on commercial breeds of sheep. Livestock Production Science 13:43-52.



Effect of passive immunization against somatostatin on marker retention time in lambs. Journal of Animal Science Vol 61: 234-239.

Areas Focus for Further Studies


Area 1.  Downwards trend in advance –aged population : Testosterone; Physiological –clinical importance.


Area 2.  A position statement; Society of Endocrinology:

Growth Hormone Deficiency Syndrome


Area 3.  Tracking concern over weight control in human and common mechanisms in growth liabilities.


Area 4.  Challenges of overweight and obesity  in developing  societies.


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Addressكلية طب - جامعة افريقيا العالمية

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