Alielsarraj Mustafa Ali Elsarraj

Name:Alielsarraj Mustafa Ali Elsarraj
Date of birth:27/12/1976
Address:كلية طب - جامعة افريقيا العالمية




  1. MD (SUDAN) – Surgery, Sudan Medical Specialisation Board (SMSB).
  2. MSc-Human Morphology, University of Khartoum (U of K).
  3. MBBS, University of Khartoum (U of K).
  4. Primary, Intermediate and High secondary schools in Sudan.



  1. MRCSI   Royal College of Surgeons Ireland-2008.
  2. MD-Surgery                                                                           SMSB-2007.
  3. MSc-Human Morphology                                                   U of K-2006.
  4. MBBS                                                   U of K-1999.



  1. USMLE, step-1  82% (1997)
  2. USMLE, step-2  82% (2000)
  3. TOEFL 630  (1999)
  4. GRE                               1670  (1999)
  5. IELTS    7      (2002)
  6. IELTS 5     (2006)
  7. IELTS  8        (2015)



Faculty of Medicine:

  1. Distinctions in Chemistry, Pharmacology and Pathology
  2. Credits in Physics, Biochemistry, Community medicine, Forensic medicine and Paediatrics



  1. Internship in Khartoum North and Khartoum teaching hospitals; Rotation in Surgery, Medicine, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics and Obstetrics (06/1999 – 08/2000)
  2. Medical Officer in Khartoum North teaching hospital (09/2000- 06/2001)
  3. Training Registrar rotation under the supervision of Sudan Medical Specialisation Board in General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Urology, Paediatric and Plastic Surgery (07/2001-12/2006)
  4. Senior House officer in Mullingar, Tullamore, Kerry and Limerick hospitals in disciplines of A/E, General Surgery, ENT and Orthopaedics (07/2007- 05/2009)
  5. Assistant professor in the department of surgery in Elrazi college for medical and technological sciences (10/2009-9/2010)
  6. Surgical registrar in UPMC beacon hospital, Dublin (2010)
  7. Locum Registrar in A/E department, Letterkenny general hospital, Ireland(01/2011-05/2011)
  8. Assistant professor in Surgery and Human Morphology, Nile college, Sudan (08/2011-07/2012)
  9. Specialist surgeon in Elribat hospital, Khartoum, Sudan (07/2012-01/2015)
  10. Consultant surgeon, Sharg Alneel hospital, Khartoum, Sudan (02/15-Now)



  1. Pattern of Breast Pain (Mastalgia) in Pre-menopausal Sudanese Patients. A thesis for the partial fulfilment of the requirements for the MD degree in Surgery
  2. Hepatic Stem Cells; Possibilities of Existence. A dissertation for the partial fulfilment of the requirements for the MSc in Human Morphology
  3. The Age of Introduction of Supplementary Feeding as a Determinant of the Nutritional Status of below 5 Years Children. A research project for the partial fulfilment of requirements for graduation from the faculty of medicine



  1. Severe Trauma Instructions Course ( Department of Surgery, University of Khartoum-2004)
  2. ACLS ( Mullingar-2007,UPMC Beacon-2010)
  3. Basic Surgical Skills (RCSI-2007).
  4. Workshop on Surgical Training (Soba University Hospital, Khartoum 2009).
  5. Laparoscopic Surgery Workshop (Ibn Sina Specialist Hospital, Khartoum, 2010).



  1. Maguire, Donal, Consultant Surgeon and Hepatobiliary Surgeon, UPMC Beacon hospital, Dublin, Ireland (written reference-2010).
  2. Winter, Desmond, Professor of Surgery, UPMC Beacon hospital, Dublin, Ireland (written reference-2010).
  3. Derar Elseddig, Consultant Surgeon, Head of the department of Surgery, Sharg Alneel hospital, Khartoum, Sudan
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