M.Sc External Examiner

1- Mohammed El Nour, Structural and stratigraphic modeling for oil traps of Melut Basin by using Seismic reflection Data, (2013, Umdurman Islamic University

2- El Naeim Mohamed Ahmed. Self- potential and Gravity methods as a signatures of Massive Sulphides Mineralization, Jebel Abu Mahmoud, Durdaib, Red sea Area. (2014) El Neelain Univ

3- Sedeig Mustafa Ali. Integration of Seismic Simulation and Reservoir Modeling for identification of stratigraphic Traps. Case study: Yabus Formation, Melut Basin. (2014) El Neelain Univ

4- Ismaeil Elaeibad Magzoob.2D Seismic Interpretation of the Late Ordovician Glacial Valleys, Mourdi, Khufra basin, NE Sudan. (2014) El Neelain Univ

5- Nasir Eldein Hamid. Estimation of Aquifer Hydraulic Parameters from Surficial Geophysical methods, focusing on resistivity capabilities. NE Part of Khartoum Basin. (2014) El Neelain Univ

6- Samia Mudawi Ahmed. Bantiu Formation Evaluation, Muglad Basin, Jack south area, Block 6, using well-logging data. (2014) El Neelain Univ

7- Mohammed Abdel Rahman.3D Seismic data interpretation for Structural Analysis of Bamboo Area, Muglad Basin. (2014) El Neelain Univ

8-Hussein Ali Hussein.Fault and Unconventional Traps identification of Galhak IV in Palouge Area, Melut Basin. (2014) El Neelain Univ

9- Hussein Ali Ahmed.Design of Seismic field parameters for survey in highly faulted subsurface Area. (2014) El Neelain Univ

10- Ekhlas Haroun Ahmed.Application of Remote Sensing and Resistivity Techniques for Investigations of Groundwater. Case study: West Atbara basin, Sudan. (2014) El Neelain Univ

11- Shams Eldein Ahmed Elhaj.Interpretation and Modeling of gravity and Magnetic Data, Atbara basin. (2014) El Neelain Univ

12- Nabeel Mustafa Mohamed Elamin (2014) Comparative study on water quality of proposed three well , Gezira area . UNESCO

13- Abd Almoez Mohamed Abdalla Gasmalla (2016) The exploration and assessment of groundwater Resources in Butana basement Terrain (Gaifi). Sudan Academy of Sciences

14- Mohammed ElMubashar ELgadi Abdellah ( 2016) Hydrogelogical study to detect the source of water seepage in Al Borgeig area Northern Sudan . Sudan Academy of Sciences

15- Salah alshareef Alfaky Ahmed (2016) Hydrogeological study in Damazin area , Blue Nile State – Sudan. Sudan Academy of Sciences

16- Mohamed Awad Sayid Taha (2016) Geotechnical Aspects of foundation on expansive soil case study Kafori City Khartoum State, Sudan. Sudan Academy of Science

17- Almahadi Abdellah Abdelrahman (2016) Soil Evaluation for pavement uses in roads, Abu Hilaif area- North White Nile state. Sudan Academy of Science

18- Omer Abdeen Mohammed Abdelbagi (2016) Manufacturing of Bricks from clay Deposits in Khartoum State. Sudan Academy of Science

19- Rajaa Mohammed alamin (2016) Geotechnical properties of algadarief Town soil. Sudan Academy of Science

20- Mohammed Ahmed Saleh (2016) Geotechnical study for tailing Storage Facilities, DAM (TSF) Hassi- Red Sea State. Sudan Academy of Science

21-Solaiman Yousuf Younis (2016) Geotechnical properties of Mudstone at Omdurman Town. Sudan Academy of Science.

22- Osman Ibrahim Elnour (2016) Geoelectrical measurements for groundwater exploration at abu deilig area- East Khartoum State.Sudan Academy of Science

23- Azza Ali Mohammed Ali (2016) Geotechnical properties of Alluvial at Almogran area- Khartoum State. Sudan Academy of Science

24-Abd Elrahman Osman Babiker (2016) Lineament analysis at Qala En Nahal – East Sudan. Sudan Academy of Science

25- Abdelkhalig Sidahmed Mohammed (2016) Engineering Geological investigation using geophysical studies of the Merowe Dam Area. Sudan Academy of Science

26- Amna Abdalfattah Mohammed Khairy (2016) Remote sensing and GIS techniques for investigating the effect of land cover types on groundwater quality, El Borgeig area, Northern State