Unpublished Researches

1- Geoelectrical Investigations of the proposed Floodwater Burrier (Embankment) – El Nour City project, Omdurman, 2015

2- Detailed gravity survey to delineate the boundary of the fracture zone. El Suki Elsadgab village, NW. Gedarief area. submitted in partial fulfillment for the a ward of the B.Sc. (Honors) in Geology, 1992

3- Resistivity Imaging surveys to map the interface between fresh and saline groundwater in North Kedah and Perlis- Malaysia. M.Sc thesis, University of Sciences Malaysia- Malaysia,1999

4- Mapping of groundwater contamination and pollution by using 2D Resistivity imaging surveys, North-west Malaysia.1997- 1998

5- Hydrogeophysical study to protect the groundwater from contamination in the El Azhari Area , Khartoum state.2011

6- CSAMT measurements to determine a suitable route for the railway line in a mountaneous area, South- East China,2006

7- أساسيات تكيف الرعاه والزراع مع المتغيرات البيئية فى شمال كردفان (2014) بحر شقف، الزين احمد واخرون ، وزارة التعليم العالى والبحث العلمى