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Amna Abd Elwhab Mohammed Ibrahim

Name:Amna Abd Elwhab Mohammed Ibrahim
Date of birth:1-April-1977-Sudan
Address:كلية طب - افريقيا العالمية


Academic Qualifications

  • MD in clinical Pathology-University of Khartoum-Faculty of Medicine-September 2011.
  • Bachelor Degree of Medicine & Surgery (MBBS)-University of Khartoum May 2002.

Professional Experience

  • Housmanship: Many Teaching Hospitals in Sudan (October 2002- February 2004)
  • Medical Officer :Omdourman Military Hospital-Khartoum(February 2004-February 2005)
  • Medical Officer :Alban Jadeed Hospital-Khartoum(February 2005-January 2006)
  • Registrar in Clinical pathology (4years); MD clinical pathology, university of Khartoum .
  • Work as apart time assistant professor of pathology in Sudan International University from May 2012 to November 2012.
  • Work as Haematopathologist in the National Public Health laboratory in Sudan since April 2012 until march2013.
  • Working now as assistant professor in the International university of  Africa, faculty of medicine, department of pathology since march 2013 until now .

Conferences & Workshops

1- Attended the 11th conference of the Sudanese association of pathologists at April 2009.

2- Attended the seminar on clinical blood transfusion 0rganized by national blood transfusion services in Sudan in collaboration with World health organization-Sudan and Academic Institute for international development of transfusion medicine (IDTM) of the University of Groningen in May 2010.

3- Attended and participate in a work shop in Lymph node and bone marrow pathology done by the Arab school of pathology and the Sudanese association of pathologist at April 2012.

4- Attended a seminar in thyroid gland pathology done by the Sudanese association of pathologists at March 2012.

5- Attended and participate by poster presentation in the 12th conference of the Sudanese association of pathologists at December 2012.

6- Attended and participate by presentation in the Mini Hematology conference of the Sudanese association of pathologists at March 2015

7- Attended the 13thconference of the Sudanese association of pathologists at November 2015.

8-Attended the Pan-Arab hematology conference in Cairo at Feb2016.



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Addressكلية طب - افريقيا العالمية

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