El Sheikh Ibrahim Fatima  Elsammani

Fatima Elsammani El Sheikh Ibrahim

Name:Fatima Elsammani El Sheikh Ibrahim
Date of birth:1955
Address:كلية طب - جامعة افريقيا العالمية


Education Qualifications


1998 – 2003  :      Ph. D from Omdurman Islamic University

Faculty of science and Basic Medical Sciences,

(Joint research project with King Saud University)

Thesis Title:

“Effect of selenium on some biochemical parameters in the blood and some tissues of    diabetic and healthy rats”.

!983 – 1985 : M.V.SC. From University of Khartoum.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Thesis Title:

“Effect of Zinc deficiency, Fasciola Gigantica and Shistosoma Bovis infection in sheep and irradiated  S Bovis  Cercariae on calves

1980          : Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons)

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. University of Khartoum

Work Experiences


2013 – Current Job: Head Department of Biochemistry- Faculty of Medicine International University of Africa, Sudan.

2009 -2013 : assistant Prof. Faculty of medicine Department of Biochemistry  International  University of Africa

2008  :    Part-timer assistant Prof , Faculty of Veterinary Medicine . University of Khartoum and University of  Aali Elneal

2006-2007:     Assistant Prof. Faculty of Pharmacy University of Khartoum

2003-2006: Part- timer lecturer King Saud University, College of Applied medical Sciences, Department of Biochemistry

1998- 2003: PHD candidate, Joint program between Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan, Faculty of Science and Basic Medical Sciences, and King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Department of Biochemistry

1990 –1992: Research assistant, The joint center for Research in prosthetics and orthotics and Rehabilitation programs ( Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

1987: Official leave without payment (To accompany husband)

1986- 1987:  Senior Veterinary medical officer

Ministry of Agriculture, Khartoum

1983 -1985: Scholarship from British Ministry of overseas Development (ODM) for M.V.SC at University of Khartoum Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

1980 -1982 Veterinary medical officer Khartoum Central Veterinary Hospital



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*Fatima Elsammani, O.M.Mahamoud, M.F. FAwi, A.A. Gameel and E.M. Haroun. Serum enzyme activity and bilirubin concentration in sheep experimentally infected with Fasciola Gigantica, J. Comp. Pathology, Vol. 95, 499 – 503 (1985)

* Fatima Elsammani and O.M.Elsheikh “Effect of (acute) first dose of selenium injection on the blood glucose level of diabetic and healthy rats “Sudan journal of Science and Technology (2013) 15 (2): 81 -86.

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* MH, Mohamed HE, Barri MES, Elsammani F “The effects of supplemented lipoic acid on body weight and rectal temperature in different breeds of goats” Scholars J Agric Vet Sci (2015): 2 (3B):240 -242.

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*Sara Ahmed Mohamed ,Mohamed El sheikh Barri,Samia Hussein Abdel Rahman, Salwa Mohamed Elbasheir, Fatima Elsheikh Elsammani, Ishraga Gaffer Ibrahim”Mustard seeds supplementation improves egg production, egg yolk nutritional quality and plasma lipids profile of layers” Journal for Nutrition,Photon 109(2016) 152 -158

*Sara.A.M, M.E.Barri,Salwa .M.E, Samia.H.A ,Hala,E.A. and Fatima. Elsheikh. Elsammani. “ Oxidative status and the incidence of fatty acid hemorrhagic syndrome in laying hens fed flax seeds” Scientific Research Journal(SCIRJ), Vol, IV, Issue III, March (2016) IssN 2201 – 2796



*Elsammani Fatima Elsheikh , Elsheikh Osman Mohamed, Barri Mohamed Elsheikh, etal. Frederick Banting research Award – (2014) in diabetes and health Reference No.: T-441804112014.


a) Academic activities:

*I have been one of the main participants in establishment of post graduate studies in biochemistry (the first master program at the International University of Africa, Faculty of medicine)

*Supervisor for five master students in biochemistry Faculty of Medicine department of Biochemistry. International University of Africa

1-Selenium status in pregnant Sudanese women

2-lipid profile in oral squamous cell carcinoma patient

3-Estimation of cardiac enzymes in diabetic Sudanese subjects

4-Biochemical assessment of kidney functions in diabetic Sudanese subjects

5- Biochemical assessment of liver functions in diabetic Sudanese subjects

*External examiner for master student from Sudan Academy of Sciences (2014)

*Research member of different research projects at the veterinary research institute         -Soba  Khartoum and Albaha University – Saudia Arabia.

*I have contribute in teaching and co-ordination of all biochemistry courses in the university

b) Other activities:

*Member of the committee of newly admitted Medical students 2014 -2016

* Member of the committee of accreditation (Faculty of Medicine) 2016

* Member of the committee of financial status of some medical students 2014

* Member of mutual transfer between IUA and other Universities.

* Member of the permanent committee of examination assessment

Training courses


*Training course on problem- based learning (PBL). International University of Africa 2012.

*Traning course on centeral Lap International University of Africa 2013

*Training course on team based learning International University of Africa 2014

* Training course about skills of building up achievement tests. International University of Africa 2015

* Training course on molecular biology and bioinformatics. International University of Africa 2016

* Training course on assessment OSCE /OSP and Curriculum Overview. International University of Africa 2016.

* Training course on using ENDNOTE and its application in scientific research. International University of Africa 2016

* Tranining course on bioinformatics. International University of Africa 2016

Workshops and Conferences


*Educational strategies and curriculum design. Sudan Medical Specialization Boar d- (educational development center) (2016)

*2nd international hypertension conference, preconference workshop, International University of Africa 2016

*Introduction to clinical bioinformatics. International University of Africa 2015

* Research methodology and biostatistics International University of Africa 2015

* Methods of instruction International University of Africa 2014

* Students Assessment in medical education International University of Africa 2014

*Statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) International University of Africa 2014

*Ministry of high education and scientific research “the first conference for medical research and health, University of National Ribat –Sudan 2012

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Addressكلية طب - جامعة افريقيا العالمية

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