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Hassan Abbas Hassan Abbas

Hassan Abbas Hassan Abbas

Name: Hassan Abbas Hassan Abbas
Date of birth:1963


Academic Qualifications

  • Ph D Degree in English ( English Language ) University of Bakh-er- Ruda 2014.
  • Master Degree in (ELT) Al Neelain University 2007.
  • Bachelor Degree in (Arts& Education) Faculty of Education University of Khartoum (1987).


  • (1)year teaching in Sudan (1987-1988). General education
  • (8)years teaching in Yemen(1988-1996). General education
  • (10) years teaching in Saudi Arabia (1996-2006). General education.
  • (2) years teaching in the International University of Africa (2007-2009).
  • (4)years working as a researcher, material writer and curriculum developer in the National Centre for Curricula and Educational Research at Bakht-er-Ruda.
  • (3) years teaching in the University of Benghazi faculty of education.


  • Training course in (ELT) (2005) (Saudi Arabia)
  • Training course in (Designing Curriculum for Gifted and Talented children) (-2/2010) Ministry of Education.
  • Training course in (Statistical Analysis) using SPSS (8/2010) (Bakht-er-Ruda).
  • Training course in (Typing Skills) (3-7/7/2011) Sudatel.

Workshops and Conferences

  • International workshops:
  • Young Learner Curriculum Development (24-28/5/2010). (Garnet Education. University of Reading -UK).
  • Incorporating Child Rights in Teachers’ Training Curricula (23-25/2/2011). (Nairobi –Kenya).
  • In Sudan :
  • 1-Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming in Education presented by UNECIF (25-29/10/2009) (Bakht-er-Ruda).
  • 2-Workshop on Capacity Building for Curriculum Development and Support for Quality Education in Sudan (8/2/2011) (Ministry of Education) with cooperation with UNESCO. (Banks Union).
  • Workshop on Promoting Continuous Professional Development for teachers (24-25/9/2011). (Open University of Sudan).
  • Workshop on Learning without Fear (Alternatives for punishment) (- 3/2010) (Plan Sudan. Dweim).
  • Conference on Qualified Teacher for Distinguished Performance (11/11/2010). (Soba/ Khartoum).
  • Workshop on Enhancing Patriotism in Generations (10/10/2010) Khartoum State (Legislative Council).
  • Forum on E. learning (     ) (the cabinet).
  • Worksop on Designing Electronic Content (22-25/11/2009)Bakht-er-Ruda.
  • Forum of Experts of General Education (118/10/2009).(Bakht-er-Ruda).
  •  Conference on Promoting Continuous Professional Development(24-25/9/2011)ASTEL &TESOL Sudan in collaboration with the British Council and the Open University of Sudan(Open University of Sudan).
  • Workshop on Rooting Curricula (2010) (University of Rebat/ Khartoum).
  • Workshop on Rooting Curricula (26/10/2011) (University of Rebat/Khartoum).
  • Workshop on how to Prepare Scientific Papers (18-19/4/2011)(University of Bakht-er-Ruda).

Papers and Research

  • Reseach on Reasons for Introducing English Language in Primary Schools in Saudi Arabia (2005)
  • Significant notes on syllabus of SPINE in Sudan (2006).
  • Scientific paper entitled (Literary Analysis to Teaching Literature in EFL Classroom) (2011) presented to the Training Department (Ministry of General Education, Sudan).
  • Scientific paper entitled (Factors affecting students’ achievement in their specialization in the faculties of education in Libya. A case study of the faculty of education at Al-Marj. Journal of Science and Humanities. Faculty of Arts and Science- Al Marj. University of Benghazi.(2016).

Academic and Social Participations

  • Active Participant in the Training Centre in Saudi Arabia /2005
  • Participated in Marking Sudanese Certificate /Room controller (2010).
  • Chief Marker Assistant in Secondary Certificate, Sudan (2011).
  • Chief Marker Assistant in Secondary Certificate, Sudan (2012).
  • Member of the Public Committee (Khartoum/ Shigailab Area).
  • Head of the Educational Committee( Khartoum/Shigailab).

Taught the following Courses

  •  {  In Africa International University-Sudan}
  • History of English language.
  • Poetry.
  • Grammatical Analysis.
  • Literature.{drama,19 century novel}
  • Translation.
  • ESP/EAP.{ medicine, pharmacology, nursing, dentistry, Economic, Administration, Politics} .
  • { In University of Benghazi-Faculty of Education-Al-Marj- Libya}
  • 7.Reading Comprehension.
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Literature.(poetry-drama-novel- short story…etc)
  • Introduction to literature
  • Grammatical Analysis.
  • Writing.
  • Teaching Practice.
  • Linguistics.

Participated in writing the following books...

  • .Pupil’s Book for Grades 3&4 { English for Sudan}
  • Activity & Work Books Grades3&4 { English for Sudan}
  • Teacher’s Books Grades 3&4{ English for Sudan}
  • Compressed Curriculum Grades 1&2

Area of Interest

  • I can confidently say that I am one of  few who are interested in the learning and teaching of culture. This interest is determined by my background of a wide reading in this area and that is why I am making a wider call for integrating culture into its broader sense in the curricula. I am glad to say and it gives great personal pleasure to mention that in this respect, this call and slogan could clearly be seen all through out the pages of  my  (Ph D) in Applied Linguistics in this area.
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