Humeda Mohammed ahmed Humeda Suekit

Humeda Suekit Humeda Mohammed ahmed

Name:Humeda Suekit Humeda Mohammed ahmed
Date of birth:07-04-1975
Address:International university of Africa -College of Medicine – Khartoum -Sudan




  1. Bachelor Degree in Medicine and surgery (MBBS) from Bahr Elgazal University –faculty of medicine and medical sciences.


2.Master Degree in human Physiology from Khartoum University faculty of Medicine- Department of Physiology (2002-2004). Master Project: Human Physiology.

3-PhD Human Physiology – ALNEELAIN UNIVERSITY-The Graduate College-Medical & Health Studies Board November 2015

Work experiences


1-Assistant Professor of Physiology – International university of Africa -College of Medicine (November 2015-up to now)

  1. Worked as a Lecturer at King Khalid University in Saudi Arabia at the faculty of medicine, (Sep 2005- July 2015).
  2. Worked as a Lecturer at Bakht Elrudda University in Sudan

at the faculty of medicine-Department of Physiology, (20/10/2004- 20/08/2005)

Research experience


Physiology:- All haematology tests, ECG (Electrocardiography), Spirometry and vitalograph (PFTs in clinical ), Audiometry ( Air & Bone

conduction), Neurophysiology Practicals: EMG ( electromyography), EEG and nerve conduction velocity. Hearing and Vision tests ( webber’s and renne’s test,Visual acuity, perimetry, and color blindness)

Examination of respiratory and Cardiovascular systems, and Effect of drugs on mammalian intestine and heart.



Powerlab experiments ( spirometry, BP, Mammalian heart and intestine and Neurophysiology)

Stem cells : isolation , culture and injection of bone marrow and fat cell derived mesenchymal stem cells.



High altitude and Obesity Researches: All anthropometric measurements, familiar with IPAQ questionnaire .Preeclampsia and placenta at high altitude Placental structural and functional changes at high altitude.



Clinical Neurophysiology: in Aseer Central hospital ( hospital affliated to the university) from 2005-2011



Computer skills Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Origin, Photoshop, Acrobat, and SPSS.

Conferences and workshops


1.Problem Based Teaching, Geizera University –Sudan January, 2005.

  1. Small Group Teaching- King Khalid University May 2007.
  1. Spectrum of Brain disorder in Aseer region (Brain awareness Week- King Khalid University March 2007.
  1. Spectrum of Brain disorder in Aseer region (Brain awareness Week)- King Khalid University March 2007.

5.Arterial Hypertension- King Khalid University June 2007.

     6- Stem cells course : Cairo university 1/8-14/8/2009

7- Annual physiological society meeting – Dublin July 2016


Award and Prizes


Five best student prizes during undergraduate study

Best teacher prize-King Khalid University-College of Medicine 2012.



1- HS Humeda, A. S. (2008). Noise Induced Hearing Loss among Khartoum International Airport Employees. Sudan Journal of Medical Sciences, 3(3), 197–200.


2- Ahmed, H., Khalid, M. M., Osman, O., Ballal, M., & Al-Hashem, F. (2016). The association between physical activity and overweight and obesity in a population of children at high and low altitudes in Southwestern Saudi Arabia. Journal of Family and Community Medicine, 23(2), 82.


3- Ahmed, H. S. M., Mohammed Khalid, M.-H., Ballal, M., & Al-Hashem, F. (2016). Blood pressure changes among children living at high altitude in South-Western Saudi Arabia. Sudan Medical Monitor, 11(1), 7.


4- Suekit, H., Elkarib, A. O., Dafaalla, M. A., Abd Elrouf, M. B., Morsy, M. D., & Eskandar, M. (2015). The effect of high altitude on endothelial and vascular dysfunction markers in preeclamptic patients. Acta Physiologica Hungarica, 102(4), 391–399.

Under publication


1- Effect of high altitude on newborns body physique and body composition. 2- Effect of physical activity level on childhood obesity.

3- Correlation between High Altitude Induced Oxidative Stress and Endothelial inflammatory Mediators in Preeclamptic women

4- Effect of vitamin E administration on pregnant rats at high altitude.

Current Researches


1- Effect of altitude on physical condition in diabetic and hypertensive patients.

2- Pathological and Molecular changes in placentas of preeclamptic women at high altitude.

Research interests


Childhood overweight and obesity High altitude medicine and physiology

Intrauterine fetal programming of obesity

Preeclampsia , placenta, and pregnancy at high altitude. .




1.Prof.Amal Mahmoud Saeed , Professor of Human physiology, Department of Physiology-Khartoum University.

Tel: +249912150048.

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2.Professor M.E.M.Khalid , Professor of Human physiology, Consultant of clinical neurophysiology.

Department of Physiology, King Khalid University. Tel: +96672417820

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  1. Dr.Osama Mirghani , Associate Professor of Human physiology . Department of Physiology, King Khalid University.

Tel: +96672417895

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