Magdi Abduallatif Ibrahim Sharaf Hussam

Hussam Magdi Abduallatif Ibrahim Sharaf

Name:Hussam Magdi Abduallatif Ibrahim Sharaf
Date of birth:3/11/1987
Address:Faculty of Medical Laboratory - International University of Africa


Education and degrees of academic distinctions

December 2012 enrolled in PhD program in immunology (immunohaematology) and completes the registrations process in The National Ribat University – Sudan.

Feb. 2011 MSc. (with Distinction) in Medical laboratory Sciences (Haematology specialization) in Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences. University of Medical Sciences and Technology.

July 2008 BSc. General ( First Class – Excellent) in Medical Laboratory Sciences.  (Haematology) Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences. University of   Medical Sciences and Technology.

March 2011 Diploma in Neuron linguistic Programming(NLP) from Smart Step Training and Human Resources Development.

Professional Experience


I established for the first time in Sudan the normal reference range for the lymphocyte subsets of healthy Sudanese adults which used for diagnosis, treatment and follow up of Sudanese patients with Leukemia and AIDS. Which is acknowledged by Radiation and Isotopes Center Khartoum.




Working in Radiation and Isotopes Center Khartoum as researcher in the Haematology department, Flowcytometer Unit for one year.(from January 2010 to January 2011)

Permanent Registration in Ministry of Health (2010)

Current Job

Lecturer in Haematology Department; Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences. at International University of Africa.

Research and publications

 PhD research Title: Comparative study of normal reference ranges of T, B and NK lymphocytes subsets in healthy Sudanese adult versus immunocompromised patients in Khartoum state.(on going research)

MSc. research  Title: The Reference Ranges for lymphocytes subsets of Healthy Adults by Immunophenotyping.(Published)

 BSc. research Title: Anemia among homeless (street) Children in Khartoum State.(Unpublished)

The Reference Ranges for lymphocytes subsets of Healthy Adults by Immunophenotyping’’ A paper published byAustralian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences available at ISSN: 1991-8178.March 2014.

Prizes and Awards

 I won the prize of molecular Biology in addition to the prize of Lab safety during my study in the university.

 I was awarded a free training period for two weeks in Jordan from the university as one of top three in the batch (11).

Workshop , Training and Participation

Attended the First International Conference of medical laboratory sciences in Sudan held in friendship hall period from 7th-8th December 2013.

Participation on the workshop seminar on stem cell technology held in Alneelain University, faculty of medical laboratory sciences and coordination with the Sudanese society of clinical biology period from the 4th– 5th of December 2013.

Attended a course impact the overall quality in the development of medical laboratories set up. On 27th of January 2013 in the Hall of the General Union of medical and health professions; held in International Academy for Training and Development.  (American Certificate)

Participation on the First International Health Conference on   24 th – 27th February 2012 friendship Hall, Khartoum, Sudan.  (Submitted paper)

Attended medical ethics workshop on 28th February 2012 in Khartoum College of Medical Sciences held by Prof. Henry Silverman from Maryland University.

I delivered a lecture during the second Flowsytometery basic Course which was conducted during the period 1 to 5 May 2011 at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science / Elneelin Medical Research Center. The lecture title was “ The Reference Range of lymphocyte Subsets of  Healthy Sudanese Adults. “

Advance course in system and methods of university teaching which was organized in the University of Khartoum in the Advance Training and Performance Development Center from 9 to 18 of May 2011.

 Attended the First International Conference on Breast Cancer (7 CME credits) on December 5th   and 6th 2011 in friendship Hall, Khartoum, Sudan.

 Attended Flowcytometry Basic Course / Alneelain University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences period from the 5th  to 8th of July 201

Attended the Second International Cancer Conference, Radiation and Isotopes Center Khartoum – Sudan from 3rd to 5th of December 2010

Training in Jordan –Amman in Al-Essra  Hospital from15 to 26 of July 2007.

Omdurman Pediatric Hospital (Training)

Yastabshiron Medical Center (Training)

Alban Jadeed Hospital (Training)

Contact info
AddressFaculty of Medical Laboratory - International University of Africa

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