Abdalhai Abbakar Khalid Abdallah

Khalid Abdallah Abdalhai Abbakar

Name:Khalid Abdallah Abdalhai Abbakar
Date of birth:27-Oct -1984
Address:كلية طب - جامعة افريقيا العالمية


Medical qualifications


  • B.B.S :           Al-Zaeim Al-Azhari University, Faculty of Medicine (2007)


  • MD – Psych :           Sudan Medical Specialization Board (2015)


  • AB- Psych :           Arab Board of Health Specialization (2015)


  • SPA Membership :       Sudanese Psychiatrists Association- Sudan


  • WAV :           World Association of Victimology


Clinical Experience


  • During my training in the internship I have worked in both inner city and rural areas and in a variety of service structures.


  • I worked as a Medical officer in Alfashir Teaching Hospital in psychiatric department from 1/5/2009 to 30/11/2009.


  • I passed the first part in psychiatry at Sudan Medical Specialization Board (SMSB) in December 2009.


  • I worked as Resident in psychiatry (R0) in Khartoum Teaching Hospital from January to December 2010.


  • From January 2011 till now, I am working as psychiatric registrar in rotation.


  • Also I passed the first part of the Arab board exam in psychiatry in May 2011.
  • I joined the International University of Africa, Disaster Management & Refugees Studies Institute (DIMARSI) in April 2013, as staff in the newly developed psychotrauma center.


  • I successfully completed clinical MD in psychiatry in April 2015 at Sudan Medical Specialization Board. Also I successfully passed the final exam in psychiatry- Arab Board in May 2015.


  • Currently I work as assistant professor of psychiatry in international university of Africa.


  • I completed my four years training in psychiatry in Sudan in December 2014.


  • I passed Final psychiatric exam in March 2015 (both SMSB & Arab board).

Awards / Certificates



  • Recipient of (Professor Eltigani Elmahi Research Award )  – International Psychiatric Conference – 2016-Sudan

Training & Previous Posts


  • Currently Assistant professor of psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, International University of Africa.


  • Psychiatric Specialist at Taha Bashar Psychiatric Hospital and Hayat center for treatment and rehabilitation , Khartoum – Sudan – 2015 up-to-date.


  • Psychiatric Specialist – School Mental Health program – Sudan – 2015 up-to-date


  • Lecturer and researcher at Institute of disaster Management & Refugees Studies – international university of Africa –Sudan – 2014 up-to-date.



  • Head of Blood Donor Care unit at the National Blood Transfusion Services Program 2012-2013 – Sudan
  • Psychiatric Registrar – Sudan Medical Specialization Board- Sudan 2011- 2014


Residency in Psychiatry –Elfashir Hospital and Khartoum Teaching Hospital, Sudan – 2009-2010

Membership & Association



  • Sudan Medical Council Registration 2009 – Sudan


  • World Victimology Association ( WVA) 2013 – Japan


  • Membership of Sudanese Psychiatrists Association   ( SPA) – Sudan


  • Partime lecturer – Ahfad , Jazeera , universities – Sudan

Previous & Current Administrative Experience


  • Establishment of Blood Donors Care unit – National Blood Transfusion Services – Sudan 2013



  • Planning Demographic Study for ( Suicide among individuals attending general hospitals in Sudan UAE) 1977


  • Project proposal for ( Livelihood As a Vehicle for Establishment of support for IDPs) For Assistance program for Internally displaced persons – JICA Sudan 2013



  • Designing a Workshop for Blood Donors Care – UNDP – 2014


  • Project Planning of Public Awareness Programme for School Health Doctors in Northern Emirates, CME courses, Sharjah Nov. 1981


  • Preparation of Legislation: Mental Health Act, Federal Law No. 28, 1981UAE for (Detection & Treatment of Mental Disorders) Committee Coordinator.


  • Curriculum Appraisal Committee – International University of Africa , Institute of Disaster Management & Refugees Studies – 2014

Previous & Current Administrative...



  • A workshop – Integration of Mental Health into Primary Health Care Prof. N. Wig, Local Coordinator.


  • Established a Local Training Programme For Demoblilization, Disarmment & Reintegration (DDR) program in psychotrauma – Graduate – Sudan (East Darfur & Middle Darfur) 2015 to 2016


  • Clinical Training Programme for Medical Students, Many Sudan Universities, from 2015 up to date.


  • Conducting a Workshop of ( Establishment of Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services in Sudan) in Sudanese Psychiatrists Association Annual Conference)  – (Sudan – Oct 2016

Scientific Interests


  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Substance – abuse Rehabilitation Programme: Member of Hayat center for Treatment & Rehabilitation
  • Forensic Psychiatry – Head of Unit in Professor Abdelaal Eledreesi Forensic Hospital





  • Translation of a Guidelines for Primary Health Care Providers (Harvard Program for Refugees Trauma)


Conference, Symposia & Workshops (Continued)


  • Full –time courses on Victimology – International Victimology Institute, Mito University, Japan – Sep 2013


  • Expert Meeting for New Psychoactive Substances , UNODC, Vienna – 2016


  • Training on EMDR – Alacadeemi Hospital – Sudan –2014


  • First , Second, Third , Fourth, Fifith , sixth and Seventh Annual Psychiatric conference – Sudan Medical Specialization Board in collaboration with Sudanese Psychiatric Association (UK & Ireland) – Sudan – from 2011 to 2017


  • Symposium on : Improving Mental Health Services In Khartoum State, 2016 – Organized by state MoH , Sudan


  • Symposium on: Fututre of Alzheimer Disease – 2015 – Dubai , UAE



  • Workshop on : Matrix Program in Addiction Treatment ( Prof. Rick Rawson for University of California at Los Angeles) , 2015 – Khartoum- Sudan


Paper presentation


  • (Knowledge, Attitudes & Practice “KAP” of Primary care providers toward Mental Disorders in South Sudan Refugees), Presented At Fifth International Psychiatric Conference, SMSB in collaboration with SPA “UK & I”, Sudan, January. 2016 – Khartoum, Sudan


  • (5 years Mortality in Psychiatric Hospitals in Sudan: ), Presented At Fifth International Psychiatric Conference, SMSB in collaboration with SPA “UK & I”, Sudan, January. 2016 – Khartoum, Sudan


  • (Methods of attempted suicide in Khartoum, Sudan: A 12 month study in General Hospitals), Presented At Fifth International Psychiatric Conference, SMSB in collaboration with SPA “UK & I”, Sudan, January. 2016 – Khartoum, Sudan


  • (Knowledge, Attitudes & Practice “KAP” of Primary care providers toward Mental Disorders Among IDPs in North Darfur), Presented at The Annual Nation Psychiatric Conference of Sudanese Psychiatrists Association , Sudan, October. 2016 – Khartoum, Sudan


  • Report on Psychosocial Situation of South Sudan Refugees, (Team Mission), presented UNHCR office at Khartoum , Sudan 2014

Other Interests


  • I have long been fascinated by Arabian calligraphy. My other interests include Swimming. I represented Sudan in 1998 in the 3rd Assembly of Arabian creative youths held in Cairo, Egypt.



  • Abdelrahman Ahmed Abudoam, Consultant psychiatrist, Head of psychotrauma Unit, Faculty of medicine, International University of Africa. Mobile: +249-901231951. E-mail:


  • Abdallah Abdurrahman Mohammed, consultant of childhood and adolescent psychiatry, University of Khartoum, president of Sudanese Psychiatrists Association .Mobile: +249-9-12391747.


  • Abdallah Abdalhai Abbakar, Dean of Academic Affair, Quran Kareem University. Mobile: +249-9-12393935- +249-122011702.


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