Mohammed Abdelrhim Hamza Mohammed

Name:Mohammed Abdelrhim Hamza Mohammed
Date of birth:1977
Address: International University of Africa -faculty of medicine


Educational level


Khalwa wad faggad.

Primary and intermediate wad faggad School.

Elsouky Secondary school.

Academic Qualification


B.Sc. Biochemistry-faculty of basic medical sciences

Omdurman  Islamic University.

Degree:       Excellent- March  2003.

M.Sc . Biochemistry-University of Gezira,faculty of medicine, Department of Biochemistry& nutrition march 2009.

PhD. Biochemistry-University of Gezira, faculty of medicine, Department of Biochemistry& nutrition 21/6/ 2015.

Courses and workshops


Training course, in central lab -sinner hospital ,on clinical chemistry from 15/12/2001 to 15/2/2002.

 1-WHO certificate in malaria diagnosis.

2- Federal ministry of health certificate  in Schistsoma diagnosis.

3-Training course on computational chemistry (Molecular Docking and it,s Applications in Bioactive Molecule Design) August 13-18,2007,Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, University of Gezira.

4-Khartoum State Ministry of Health Certificate in HIV control held on 17/5/2003.

5-Training course on Academic Counselling held on 22-24/9/2007 .(EDC.  Gezira  University).

 6-Training course on Tutoring in Problem Based Learning held on 27/2/2008.(EDC.  Gezira University).  

 7-Training course on the Instructional Methods held on 25/3/2008.( EDC.  Gezira University).

8-Training course on Educational Planning held on 18/6/2008 (EDC.  Gezira    University).  

9-Training course on Applications of Statistics& Computer in Scientific Research held on23-25/6/2008. ( EDC.  Gezira University).   

 10-Training course on Communication Skills held on 10-11/11/2008 (EDC.       Gezira University).

  1. Participate in the workshop of nursing curriculum –university of Kassala held on 28/5/2009.
  2. Participate in the workshop of Midwifery curriculum- Academic Health Sciences – Federal ministry of health held on 23/7/2009
  3. Pre conference workshop on promoting professional educator development held on 28-30/10/2009 (EDC. Khartoum University). workshop on(human resource development in health management  and leadership) held on 20-24/12/2009 (CRD- Faculty of medicine- Suez canal university- Egypt).

  1. Training course on computer skills Development held on 12-19/12/2010 (UEDC. Gezira University).
  2. Training course on Students Assessment held on 12-13/5/2010 (EDC. Gezira University).
  3. Training course on Assessment and evaluation in university education held on 20-21/10/2010 (UEDC-Gezira University).
  4. Training course on Students Assessment held on 13-16/2/2012 (EDC& UEDC Gezira University).
  5. 17. Training course on Molecular biology held on 27/5-14/6/2012 (Faculty of Science – Cairo University -Egypt).
  6. Training course on Problem Based Learning held on 1-3/7/2012 (EDC& UEDC. Gezira University).
  7. Training course on Research Methodology and Scientific Writing held on 9-16/7/2012 (EDC& UEDC. Gezira University).
  8. Training course on Team Based Learning held on January- 2015 (International University of Africa).
  9. Training course on Problem Based Learning held on August- 2016 (International University of Africa).

Academic Experience


Assistant professor of biochemistry- International University of Africa -faculty of medicine-department of   biochemistry from march 2014 to till now



  1. Biochemical Assessment in Sudanese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus .Sudanese Journal of public Health

Mohammed, A. Hamza, Gad Allah Modawe, Badreldin Elsonni, Khalid Eltom

  1. Levels of total cholesterol and Triglycerides in Type 2 diabetic Sudanese patients. Gezira Journal of Health Sciences June 2012 Vol 8 (1)

Mohammed A Hamza, Badr Eldin E Abdalla &, Khalid Eltom Ali



1- Prof. Khalid Eltoum Ali. .  department of biochemistry -faculty of       medicine. International University of Africa.  Mobile: 0122548483       

3- Dr. Fatima  Elsammani  Elshikh .head department of biochemistry  -faculty of medicine .  International University of Africa.   Mobile:  0915545145       

4- Dr. Moawia Hussein  Alebeid .  department of biochemistry -faculty of       medicine. National Ribat University.  Mobile: 0122808600                                             

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