Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Amlas

Name:Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Amlas
Date of birth: 1/1/1952
Address:Faculty of minerals and oil - International University of Africa



 B.Sc.(Hons) In Geology with First Class Honors – University of Khartoum May 1977.

Higher Diploma in applied geology.  King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah Saudi Arabia 1979.

M.Sc., Structural Geology .With Excellent (GPA) King .Abdul Aziz University Jeddah Saudi Arabia, 1984.


Assistant Geologist  – DGMR Khartoum – Sudan.  May – Nov. 1977.

Consultant.  ( Technical Advisor) Commercial Investment Corporation (CIC) Tahir Group of Companies) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1993-1997.

Exploration Manager, Awrad Development Co. Ltd

 Lecturer . Faculty of Earth       Sciences  , King  Abdul Aziz University , Saudi Arabia 1981-2006.

Lecturer.  International University of  Africa.  Sept. 2007 to May 2010.

-Assist. .Prof. International University of  Africa.  May 2010  to present.

Khartoum , Feb 2011  to present.

Technical Advisor. (CTGC.CWE) Construction of Upper Atbara Dam Complex   Sept 2011 to September 2014.


 Exploration and feasibility studies for the following resources

1- Chromites deposits exploration at Ingassana Hills , Sudan.1977

2- Marble as ornamental stones west of . Kadabas , Sudan . 1977

3- Marble deposits west of  Bisha township , Saudi Arabia .1980.Bishah Cement Factory, Saudi Arabia founded late 1990s.

4- Ornamental stones along the western coast of Saudi Arabia .1985.

5- Limestone for carbonate powder along Jeddah – Riyadh highway      1990 for The Saudi Marble Company Saudi Arabia .

6- Natural pozzolan at Harrat Rahat for (CIC), Saudi Arabia. 1993.

7- Light weight aggregates- at Harrat Rahat 1994.

8- Resources of Rock wool  for the Saudi Arabian Rock Wool Factory     Riyad   S.A. 1996.

9- Bentonite clays at Khulays – Saudi Arabia … 1996.

10- Gold mineralization at Bayoudah desert , North and South Kordofan States as well as Red sea states (1996-2003) .

Prospecting for polymetallic sulphide deposits in western Saudi Arabia. For  ( -11.CIC ) and  Odessey Enterprise,   1996.

11- Mitigation of Geo-hazards


1- Transverse tectonics

2- Shear zones Kinematics.

3- Remote sensing to delineate natural resources.


 Structural geology, Strain analysis, Rock Mechanics , Geochemistry , Directional data analysis, Sedimentary petrology, Carbonate rocks Petrology, Determinative mineralogy, Optical mineralogy, Crystallography, Igneous, and Metamorphic petrology. Photogeology, Photogrammetry, Surveying ,Deformation Mechanics, Geotectonics, Field geology.  Rock- forming minerals.


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– Alwash, M.A. and Amlas, M.A. 1992. Geology and tectonics of    Bin Hashbel area using LANDSAT2 imagery and ground investigation.

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– Matsah. M.I., Qari, M.H. : Hegazi, A.M. , Amlas, M.A.and  Hamimi , Z.(2004).The Neoproterozoic Ad-Dam shear zone dextral transpression in the Arabian shield ,Saudi Arabia .

Egyptian Journal of Geology V.48, P 215 – 236.

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Al-Jamoom Pan African belt,   Western Arabian Shield. (in press).

– Qari, M.H. and Amlas, M.A. (2003) .Lineament patterns in Rabeigh area, implication on the structural evolution of the Arabian Shield .Bull Fac.Sci. Zagazig   University . V 25, P 315- 344.


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