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Abdalla Hamid Omer El Adil

Omer El Adil Abdalla Hamid

Name:Omer El Adil Abdalla Hamid
Address:كلية طب - جامعة افريقيا العالمية


Last Positions

ex- Director of Educational Development and Research Center IUA.2010- 2013


ex- Director of Educational Development, Curricula and Research Center AHS 2008-2010


Partime Consultant Educationalist AHS 2011-2014


Partime Consultant Neurologist-Neurology Department Alshaab Teaching Hospital. Khartoum



Acting dean Faculty of Medicine IUA  2013


Deputy Dean Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) – International University of Africa (IUA)



ER Consultant Neurologist IMTH 2012- 2014


Academic Advisor for the Research, Staff and Curriculum Development Centre-Academy of Health

Sciences (AHS) FMOH Khartoum Sudan 2012-2015


Academic and social Recent Position

Dean Faculty of Medicine April 2016


Associate professor of Internal Medicine and Neurology–FMHS IUA since 2013


Consultant Physcian and Neurologist, Bashayr Teaching Hospital


Academic Advisor for the Research, Staff and Curriculum Development Centre-Academy of Health

Sciences (AHS) FMOH Khartoum Sudan 2012 up to now


Academic Deputy director of Educational Development and Research Center (EDC) and Head of

Curricula Department EDC Sudan Medical Specialization Board SMSB 2014 up to now.


Cultural Secretary of Sudanese Association of Physician (SAP) 2014-2015.


Secretary General of Sudanese Association of Physician (SAP) 2016


Rapporteur of Internal Medicine Higher Consultancy Committee – FMOH 2013.


Patron of African Medical Student Association AMSA IUA 2013 up to now


Rapporteur of Sceintific preparatory committee of the 28th and 29th scientific conference Feb 2015-Feb



Rapporteur of Sceintific preparatory committee of the 30th  scientific conference Feb 2017



MBBS Faculty of Medicine Gezira University


MD Internal Medicine – Sudan Medical Specialization Board SMSB


Master Degree in Clinical Neurology – University of London-UK


Diploma in Medical Education SMSB

International and National membership

  • Member of Prof Daod Mostafas Charity Group-Sudan 2008 up to now.
  • Member and Editor Of Alhaj Federal Medical committe Sudan, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014.
  • Member of University of London alumni UK 2010 up to now.
  • Member of Sudan Association of Physicians 2008 up to now.
  • Member of Sudanese Society of Neurosciences 2012 up to now.
  • Member of Curricula and research Committee Public Health council SMSB
  • Member of Curricula and research Committee Internal Medicine council SMSB
  • Member of Allied Heath workforce, Sudan 2008 up to now.


At Bashayr Teaching Hospital:-

  • Unit of Neurology (Omer eladil Unit).
  • Regular casuality emergency cover (weekly).
  • Regular out- patient clinics (weekly).
  • Regular Inward patient follow up (Twise weekly).
  • Regular Medical students clinical rounds (weekly).
  • Regular night session for medical student and Junior staff (fortnight).
  • Regular clinical meetings and tutorials (weekly).
  • Contributed actively to the staff meetings and Staff/ ward rounds activities.


Attended and actively participated in the following Workshops and Conferences

  • Research Methodology AHS- FMOH 2007
  • Medicl Journal Editting SJPH 2009
  • Workshop on Training Need Assessment WHO-Nuffield Center for International Health and Development, University of Leeds Uk with CPD Sudan 2010
  •  20th, 21st , 22nd , 26th and 27thConference of Sudan Association of Physicians 2008-2009-2012, 2013 2014.
  • Conference of Sudanese Community Physcian 2006
  • The Third International Conference on Medical Education in the Sudan & the Sixth Scientific Meeting the Association of the Medical Schools in the Arab World October November 2009
  • Workshop Introduction to curriculum Design and Student Assessment Sudan FMOH 2008
  • Workshop Reviewing Curriculum of the Faculty Of Medicine IUA 2009- Workshop Acreditation and authering Midwifery curriculum Gezira University 2009.
  • Preconferance Medical Education 3rd Workshops External Validation &
  • Accreditation of Medical Schools, Prof Sam Lenieaster UK
  • Preconferance Medical Education 3rd Workshops, Effective feedback – Why, who & how not to do it., Prof Deborah Murdoch-Eaton , Leeds UK
  • Preconferance Medical Education 3rd Workshops, Planning & Producing an OSCE, Prof James Ware.
  • Preconferance 23rd conference of Pyhyscians about PACES 2010.
  • 23rd Conference of Sudan Association of Physicians Khartoum 2010.
  • 3rd  conference of  the  Sudanese  Neuroscience Society  faculty  of  medicine University  of  Khartoum 21-25th February  2010
  • International Training of Trainers, African Medical and Research Foundation AMREF July 2010.
  • 11 Annual Course Neuroradiology & Functional Neuroanatomy-UCL London UK
    11-14 April 2011.
  • Workshop of how to conduct OSCE. University of Medical Science and Technology-Sudan Sep 2011.
  • The 4th Conference of Sudanese Neurosciences Society, 23rd -26th February 2012.
  • The 25th Conference of Sudan Association of Physicians Khartoum Feb 2012.
  • Regional Workshop on E-Learning & Assessment, organized by The Scientific Society of Medical Schools in the Arab World in collaboration with The Sudanese Association of Medical & Health Sciences Schools in Khartoum, Sudan, 17-19 March 2012.
  • Sudan Medical council, Consensus workshop on the teaching modules of Professionalism 31st 3 2012.
  • Workshop The 3rd conferance of Chest physcian association Khartoum April 2012.
  • PBL workshop- Faculty of Medicine IUA Sep 2012.
  • TBL workshop Faculty of Medicine IUA Sep 2014.
  • Applied International Reasearch SMSB JAN 2015
  • Evaluation and Assessment workshop SMSB Sep 2016


  • Reviewer in Sudan Journal of Public Health.
  • Reviewer in Omdurman Medical Journal.
  • Editer in SMSB scientifc journal.
  • Evaluation of Kidney Reciepiants Ten Years post Transplantation- Dissertation U of K ( Thesis for partial fullfilment of MD).
  • The patterns of clinical presentation of cerebellar syndrome among Sudanese patients, Sudan Journal of Medical Sciences SJMS vol.4 No.2 June 2009
  • The prevalence of neurological complications among Adult Sudanese diabetic patients,Sudanese Journal of Buplic Health SJPH, Volume 4, Number 3, July 2009.
  • Post stroke epilepsy in Sudan,Sudan Medical Journal Vol 45 ,No 3 ISSN 049-4481 Dec. 2009
  • Study of knoweldge, attitude and practice towards epilepsy among relatives of epileptic patients SJPH, Vol 4 No. 4, 2009.
  • Essential art in medicine, communication skill, Vol 5, No 1 ISSN:1990-7567, Jan 2010.
  • Correlation between Serum level of anti-epileptic drugs and their side effects, Oman Medical Journal, 2010 January; 25(1): 17–21.
  • Accepted Abstract: correlation between Retinopathy, Nephropathy and Peripheral Neuropathy among adult Sudanese diabetic patients, 12th PAUNS Congress in Damascus May 2010.
  • Stroke in Women-Sudanese Experience. American Journal Of Scientific And Industrial Research .2011
  • Two Abstract entitled “Neurological manifestations of visceral leishmaniasis” and Stigma of epilepsy among patients and their relatives attending Charity clinic, Omdurman-Sudan”) have been selected for oral presentation at the XXI World Congress of Neurology Sep 2013.
  • Review Article; Clinical correlates and pathogenic implications with the presumed immune associations in seropositive and seronegative Myasthenia Gravis, paper presented at SAP conference 2013.
  • Chief Editor of the first and second edition of AMSA conference Publications About Health Challenges facing African continent 2013, 2014
  • Systemic hypertension as a prognostic factor in neurology- Sudanese Society of Hypertension -1st Conference 2014.
  • Screening battery for cognitive assessment: Are they valid and reliable for the low educated people? SAP Jubilee Conference 2016
  • Non communicable disease discovery and awareness using medical students – a pilot project Omaraladil Abdalla Hamid with other collegues Ahmed ElSayed, Ismat Mutwali, Ihsan Abdelhalim,Omnia Khallafalla, Makram Elia, Ahmed Saad, Ismail Mohammad,Badria Hamid,Amani Kameer, Naglaa Abdelrahim, Dina Mirghani, Faculty of Medicine- Alzaiem Alazhari University, Khartoum, Sudan 2016
  • IntroductionOngoing research: Neurogenetics of Parkinson’s disease in Sudanese Patients, 2014 2017
  • Ongoing research: Neurogenetics of Epilepsy in Sudanese Patients, 2014 2017
  • Ongoing research: Noncommunicable Disease Home Survey at one of Khartoum State localities, 2015
  • Ongoing research: Modifying dementia assessment for native speaker March 2016-2017

Impact on neurology service

  • On returning from London after successfully obtaining a masters degree in Neurology, Dr Hamid was posted in 2011 to Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital in Khartoum where he worked as physician neurologist with duties covering neurology as well as general medicine. Besides his regular duties, Dr Hamid made some important contributions to neurology service with impacts on Khartoum State and  the rest of Sudan. He advocated for and established an emergency neurology service as the only  frontline service of its kind in Khartoum State. This service proved to be critical and highly beneficial to cases from Khartoum State as well as referred and casual cases for other states of the country. Audit figures in 2014 showed that a total of 987 cases were admitted through this window.


  • Dr Hamid acted as key team member in developing an MD neurology curriculum as a basis for a new specialty program to be offered by the Sudan Medical Specialization Board (SMSB). Based on his expertise in curriculum development and planning, he contributed effectively to conceptualization of the program and designing of the curriculum framework and contents. The program has recently been approved by the leadership of the SMSB and is due to start intake. It is expected that the MD neurology specialty program will contribute to addressing a critical gap in neurology services in Sudan.


  • Known as an active teacher and mentor, Dr Hamid has been engaged in training activities beyond his traditional role as medical school staff. He organizes training sessions, seminars and discussions in neurology for postgraduate residents, medical students and nurses within his hospital and beyond. Hundreds of health professionals and students benefited from his sessions over the last period. Besides this role, Dr Hamid extend his neurology awareness and teaching role to the public as he has been invited by a famous cultural centre (Alfaisal Centre) in Khartoum to deliver health education sessions to public audiences. He organized several sessions delivering key messages and responding to questions and concerns of patients and community members.


  • Dr. Hamid with other colleagues curently established the Neurology center at Bashayr TH


  • Teaching assistant Faculty of Medicine IUA; in Problem based learning, Physiology and internal

medicine Departments 2002-2004 and Assistant professor of internal medicine 2008 -2010 then

associate professor of medicine and neurology 2013 up to now.


  • I have also participated in the exams of the fifth and sixth year medical students
  • Lecurar at different medical schools.
  • I contributed as one of the OSCE comittee members in different medical scholls in reforming the final MBBS exams from the old classical long / short cases exams to OSCE.
  • Preparing written and OSCE for final year medical student in many medical Schools..
  • Examiner of Final year medical student at different Sudanese Universities
  • Supervisor of undergraduate Research AHS, FMOH, UMST and IUA
  • Coordinator and co cordinator of academic modules and cources, Faculty of Medicine IUA
  • I have also been involved in preparing some of the Hospital management protocols in my Teaching Hospital.
  • Chief of the Admission committee Faculty of Medicine for the year 2010.
  • Activities attended by housofficers and undergraduates: Regular clinical rounds & out- patient

clinics, inward patient follow up, clinical meetings and tutorials; and contributed actively to the staff

meetings and Staff/ ward rounds activities.


  • Member of the Curricula committe to update the MBBS curricula of International University of Africa

and other similar schools


  • Member of the Curricula committe who updated many of SMSB curricula
  • Organizer of the weekly meetingsof the Medical registras
  • Organizer of the Second part MD SMSB 2010 then 2014-2017.
  • Examiner of the Second part Clinical MD Sudan Medical Specialization Board Jan 2015-2016
  • Supervisor of Postgraduate Research IUA,UMST and Alneelain University 2015.
  • External Examiner of Master degree, UMST and Alneelain University2015
  • Supervisor of Master Degree in Neurorehabiltation and Physiotherapy- Alneelain University-2015-2016


  • Teaching the nursing staff and other paramedical staff.
  • Participated in the national exams of the Nursing Schools
  • Lecurar at different medical and paramedical schools.
  • Supervisor of undergraduate Research AHS, FMOH.
  • Appointed by the WHO as a focal person to designe and review curricula of Commnuity Health

Worker, Medical Assistant and midwives adopted by Academy of Health Sciences, FMOH, Sudan.

  • I revised and developed with other members many new curricula of Academy of Health Sciences,

FMOH, Sudan such as

  • BSc and diploma for medical nurses.
  • BSc and diploma for Medical Assistant.
  • BSc and diploma for Labrotary Assistant
  • BSc and diploma for Public health Assistant
  • BSc and diploma for Professional and Technical Medwives.
  • Technical diploma Community Medwives.
  • Technical diploma Community Health Workers.
  • I contributed as the OSCE/OSPE comittee chief in Academy of Health Sciences in reforming the

final professional exams from the old classical long / short cases and oral exams to OSCE/OSPE and



  • Protocol of atypical and modified Measles prevention, promotion and treatment-FMOH
  • Protocol of Meningitis prevention, promotion and treatment FMOH
  • Protocol of Hep E prevention, promotion and treatment FMOH
  • Internal medicine Protocol of Curative Directoriate-FMOH
  • Haj Mass Gathering Medical Protocol 1st and 2nd Edition (Edittor).
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Addressكلية طب - جامعة افريقيا العالمية

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