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Omer el Badri Ali

Name:Omer el Badri Ali
Address:Faculty of minerals and oil - International University of Africa




1978  Ph.D. Geology: (Sedimentology and Palaeoecology of Coralliferous units from the Upper Jurassic.) University of Reading , U K.


1972  M.Sc. Geology: (Sediment Transport and Deposition of Blue Nile and White Nile at Khartoum) .Dept. of Geology Univ. of Khartoum, Sudan.

1967  B.Sc. Geology, Dept. of Geology .Univ. of Khartoum.





Jan. 2013- Up to date: Professor of Geology, Univ of Khartoum and the International Univ. of Africa

1997- Jan. 2013 Associate Professor, Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Khartoum

1996-1997 : Assistant Professor, Univ. of Khartoum.

1992-1996: Associate Professor, Dept f Earth Science, Univ. of  Sebha, Libya.

1986- 1992: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Earth Science, Univ. of Sebha, Libya.

1978- 1986: Lecturer (Senior Lecturer) Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Khartoum

1967- 1973 Teaching Assistant, Dept of Geology, Univ. of Khartoum.



vTeach graduate and undergraduate courses in Sedimentology, Palaeontology, Stratigraphy, Historical geology, Petroleum Geology and Physical geology. These courses are being taught in the prelim, second, third, fourth and fifth year at the Dept. of Geology Univ. of Khartoum.

 vParticipate in teaching undergraduate courses at other Sudanese Universities such as Africa International University, Red Sea University, Kordofan University and Omdurman Islamic University.

vTeach Higher Diploma courses at the Dept. including advanced stratigraphy, Petroleum Geology, Sedimentology and geology of the Sudan.

 vLeading several annual Field Trips for training geology students at different parts of the country. This includes second year, third and fourth year field training besides 5th year graduation projects.

 vParticipated in revision and development of several Geology B.Sc. and Higher Diploma programs at the Dept. of Geology (U of K), University of Gazira and Sebha, Libya..

 vCoordinate Senior Project courses, seminars for Graduate & undergraduate students.

 vMember of several executive and advisory committees at different U of K levels.

 vSupervise graduate students and Higher Degree students. (See below).

 vAttend several workshops, training programs, and short courses to enhance professional experience.

 vAttend several Conferences and International scientific meetings inside the country and abroad (See below).

 vParticipated as a member of consult Group inconducting surface geology survey over Block 12 A, N W Sudan during January- March2014;A report is prepared for Greater Sahara Petroleum Operating Company Ltd.


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The Oligocene intertrappean beds: Regional distribution, depositional

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اصدارات اللجنه العليا للتعريب

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جامعة الخرطوم


مقدمة الجيولوجيا :مسستحاثات وطبقات                 المستوى الأول

مبادئ علم المستحاثات                                      المستوى الثانى

علم الرسوبيات 1                                             المستوى الثالث

مادة الجيولوجيا التاريخية 1                                 المستوى الثالث

علم المستحاثات اللافقارية                                   المستوى الثالث

علم الرسوبيات 2                                             المستوى الرابع

مادة الجيولوجيا التاريخية 2                                المستوى الرابع

مادة الرسوبيات3                                              المستوى الخامس

مادة التحليل الحوضى                                        المستوى الخامس (تخصص بترول)

مادة المستحاثات الدقيقة                                      المستوى الخامس (تخصص بترول)


الدبلوم العالى

مادة الرسوبيات المتقدمة

مادة الطبقات

تحليل الأحواض الرسوبية


جامعة البحر الأحمر , جامعة كردفان , جامعة...


مادة المستحاثات                                              المستوى الثالث

مادة الرسوبيات                                              المستوى الثالث والرابع

مادة الجيولوجيا التاريخية                                  المستوى الثالث

مقدمة علم جيولوجيا البترول                              المستوى الرابع

مادة المستحاثات الدقيقة                                      المستوى الخامس


الإسهام فى أستقطاب تمويل الدراسات العليا...


  1. دعم من وزارة الطاقة والبترول والجمعية السودانية لجيولوجي البترول شملت تدريبحقلى ومعملى للطلاب والخريجين بوصفى نائب رئيس الجمعية.


  1. تقوم جامعة فلورنس بأيطاليا  بدعم قسم الجيولوجيا ماديا وترسل بعض المعدات والأجهزة فى أطار المشروع البحثى المشترك بين قسمى الجيولوجيا الذى أقوم فيه بدور المنسق وذلك منذ العام 2004  .

  1. أشارك فى لجنة الدعم المقترح من شركة سودابت ووزير الطاقة السابق لقسم الجيولوجيا

وقسم هندسة النفط لأجراء البحث العلمى وقد تم التوقيع على هذا المشروع فى بداية العام الماضى بواسطة السيد مدير الجامعة وقدمت البحوث وفى انتظار التمويل.

4.ساهمت فى توقيع أتفاقية توفير المعلومات والبيانات من وزارة البترول بالمجان لطلاب الدراسات العليا من قسم الجيولوجيا  بعد أن كانت مكلفة وتشكل عقبة كبرى فى طريق البحث

  1. Ihave been nominated last year as a research collaborator in the EU projecton environmental

water purification research in Ethioia and Sudan together with Italian scientists from Florence University.



vGeological and geotechnical properties of aggregates around Heglig area. Three reports submitted to Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC) , Sudan, 1999.

Document 26

v Sedimentological Investigation of the bentonitic Nubian Sandstone at Umm Ali area. (Prepared for EI Hawad Mining Company, Khartoum).

vGeological Investigation on the construction material of the Nubian Sandstone Formation. (A report prepared for Bannaga Engineering Consult, Khartoum).

v Geological Investigation and economic evaluation of the Pumice Deposits of the Bayuda Volcanic Field. Sudan.

vGeoarchaeological Survey of Khashm el Girba Area.

 (Activity Report to submitted to the Nat. Corporation for Antiques  and  Museum Sudan, Ministry of Culture and Tourism.March,2006

Document 27

v  The Pleistocene sediments of Shuwak Area.

Progress Report, Mission Feb. 2008

 Document 28

v  Geological Survey over Block 12 A , NW Sudan .   Final Report prepared for Greater Sahara Petroleum Operating Company Ltd.. March 2014.

 Document 29


vMember of the Geological Society at the University Of Khartoum, 1964- 1967.

vMember of the Khartoum University Staff Association.

vSecretary of the Geology Departmental Board during 1980­


vSecretary of the Faculty Board, Fac. of Science U Of K,


vHead, Department of Earth Science, Univ. of Sebha, 1991-93.

vHead, Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, U. of K, 1998-2000.

vCo-opted Member of the Hydrobiological Research Unit and the Environmental Research Institute 1970-1973.

vMember of the National Committee for Culture, Education and Science of the UNESCO during 1981-1985.

vChairman of the Natural Science subcommittee in the above mentioned body and a member of the Sudanese delegation for UNESCO Conference at Sofia, 1985.

vMember of the Palaeontological Association, Britain, 1975-78.

vMember of the British Sedimentologial Research Group, 1975-1980.

vMember of the Sudanese Geological Society since 1980.

vMember of the committee for studying impact of Oil Discovery in the Sudan.

vMember of the study group of the Blue Nile Basin.

vMember of the General Union of the Sudanese Geologists.

vEditor, SAPEG journal, Sudanese Association of Petroleum Geoscientists.

vVice President of the Sudanese Association of Petroleum Geoscientists.

vMember of the Higher Commission for Arabicization, U of K.

Document 30



vOn the Occurrence. Origin and Industrial Potentialities of Central & Northern Sudan Kaolin Deposits. (M. Babikir M., awarded 2003).

vDepositional Environment, Geochemistry and Diagenesis of the Aptian_Albian Lacusrine Abu Gabra Formation, Muglad Basin. (Abuzeid A. A. awarded 2004).

vSedimentology, Heterogeneity and Resevoir Characterization of Samaa and Yabus Formations, Melut Basin. (Amani A. Badi, with joint cosupervision) awarded 2013.

vGeomorphological studies of Wadies in Arid and Subarid Regions: Case Study of Wadi el Awateib, Central Sudan.(Mohammed FathAlla M. Ahmed.) In Arabic.Awarded 2012.

vStructural and Stratigraphic Trap Development during the Evolution of Extentional Rift Basins, North Melut, Sudan. .(Mohammed Mohammed Hamid Ahmed), Awaded , Feb 2014.


vOn the effect and Reasons of the Formation of Mayaas (ponds) at the Dinder Park area, Central Sudan. ( Eldai. A. H. awarded 1982).

vA Study on Silt Deposition in the Irrigation Canals of Northern Gezira. (Ahmed A. A, awarded 1984).

vPalaeoecology and Sedimentology of J. Abiyad Palaeozoic/­Mesozoic Sediments using Macro and Microfossils. (cosupervision of Candidate M.Z. Awad, awarded 1987).

vUse of Remote Sensing Technique in the Study of Parts of the Nuba Mountains. (Co supervisor for Candidate Elbadri H., awarded 1985).

vSedimentology, Petrography and Diagenesis of Palaeocene sequence of Adar Yale Oil Field. (Murad, M.A., Awarded 2002).

vReservoir characterization with emphasis on Ghazal Formation, Muglad Basin, (S W Sudan). (M.M. EI Mahi., Awarded November, 2007).

vDepositional Environment and Reservoir Geology of the Late Albian-Cenomonian Bentiu Formation. (cosupervision of M.Sc by Idris A.M., Awarded 2002).

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vSedimentological Characteristics and Depositioal Environment of the Upper Cretaceous Shendi Formation, U mm Ali Area, Sudan. (Aoshi. M el B. awarded 2004).

vFacies association and Depositional Environment of Miocene Pleistocene Deposits at Khor Eit Area, Red Sea, Sudan. Muddathir Sinnary. (Awarded September 2007, EI Nelein University).

vOn the Geochemical characteristics of Tertiary Source Rocks from Kaikang Area, Muglad Basin. (El Balloula S. M. with an external cosupervisor). (Awarded November 2010, [Khartoum University).

v  Aradeiba Main Sand Reservoir, Heglig Field, Muglad Basin.(Yasir Abdalla Abbas) Awaded Aug. 2011..

vSedimentology and Palaeoenvironment of Damazin and Dinder Formations, Blue Nile Basin. (Nuha Ibrahim Abueed.) Awarded 2013.

v  Palynostratigraphy and Facies analysis of some Tertiary Subsurface Sediments from the Red Sea Coastal Areas. Sudan. (Shaa el Din M. Ahmed )Awarded 2010.


vGeological and Petrophysical Modeling of Cretaceous sandstone, outcrop analogue to Melut Rift Basin (Osman el Kheir). Registered 2005.Quitted

vSedimentology, Petrography & Diagenetic Control of Bentiu Formation. Sargas Oil Field. (M. A. Murad)_,.Submitted 2014.

vLithologic and Stratigraphic Evolution of Nearn Oil Field, Muglad Basin. (Rashida. S. Elkhatim.). Submitted 2 014.

vCorrelation of Tertiary-Quaternary Strata in Muglad and Melut basins based on sedimentological aspects. (Ibrahim Ahmed Abdel Rahim.) Registered at EI Nilein Univ. as external supervision with internal cosupervisor, 2007. Quitted

  1.  Sedimentology of Tertiary Formations along the Red   Sea Area, Sudan (Mudather Abdo M. Osman) Registered Dec.2009.



vSedimentology and Basin Analysis with emphasis on Tokar Delta, Sudan. (Elhassan A. M.) . Registered 2005 Quited.

vPalynofacies and Depositional Environment of Source Rock, Sharaf Formation, Sudan. (Jubara H. G. with a cosupervisor). Registered 2006.Quitted

vReservoir Characterization of Bentiu Formation, Neem Field, Using 3-D Modeling. (Ahmad Abdalla Mohammed). Re- Registered 2013.

vProbabilistic 3-D Geological Modeling of Bentiu-l Reservoir of Muglad Basin. (Alkhalil. S.B.) . Under registration 2010.Ouitted


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vPhD. In Engineering Geology, Mamoun el Tayeb, 2005, Building Research Inst., U of K.

vPhD. Mathimatical approach in Petroleum Exploration. Hala Abbas Bedawi, 2005, Al Nelein University.



  1. Refereed papers and Research Work for Promotion of Dr. Abdulkadir el Hudeiri, Associate Professor, Dept of Earth Science, Univ. of Sebha, Libya, 1990.


  1. Refereed the work of Dr. Mutwakil Nafie for promotion for Associate Professorship at the Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Dongola, Sudan, 2007.


  1. A Member of Committee for assessing a book on Geological and Geochemical Exploration of Mineral Deposits by Prof. Hassanein M.A., for Perm. Committee for Academic Promotions, King Abdulaziz Univ., K.S.A

Document 31


  1. Assessed a text book on Invertebrate fossils by Dr. Bahlool Elyagoubi. Univ. of Tripoli, Libya, 1992.

Document 32


  1. AMember of the Editorial Board, SAPEG Journal, a QuaternaryJournalof the Sudanese Association of Petroleum

Geoscientists. First Issue published March 2011.

Document 33


  1. A Member of the editorial Board of  Sudapet  Book on the    Petroleum Geology and Resources of the Sudan.

Document 34                                                           

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