vTeach graduate and undergraduate courses in Sedimentology, Palaeontology, Stratigraphy, Historical geology, Petroleum Geology and Physical geology. These courses are being taught in the prelim, second, third, fourth and fifth year at the Dept. of Geology Univ. of Khartoum.

 vParticipate in teaching undergraduate courses at other Sudanese Universities such as Africa International University, Red Sea University, Kordofan University and Omdurman Islamic University.

vTeach Higher Diploma courses at the Dept. including advanced stratigraphy, Petroleum Geology, Sedimentology and geology of the Sudan.

 vLeading several annual Field Trips for training geology students at different parts of the country. This includes second year, third and fourth year field training besides 5th year graduation projects.

 vParticipated in revision and development of several Geology B.Sc. and Higher Diploma programs at the Dept. of Geology (U of K), University of Gazira and Sebha, Libya..

 vCoordinate Senior Project courses, seminars for Graduate & undergraduate students.

 vMember of several executive and advisory committees at different U of K levels.

 vSupervise graduate students and Higher Degree students. (See below).

 vAttend several workshops, training programs, and short courses to enhance professional experience.

 vAttend several Conferences and International scientific meetings inside the country and abroad (See below).

 vParticipated as a member of consult Group inconducting surface geology survey over Block 12 A, N W Sudan during January- March2014;A report is prepared for Greater Sahara Petroleum Operating Company Ltd.