vMember of the Geological Society at the University Of Khartoum, 1964- 1967.

vMember of the Khartoum University Staff Association.

vSecretary of the Geology Departmental Board during 1980­


vSecretary of the Faculty Board, Fac. of Science U Of K,


vHead, Department of Earth Science, Univ. of Sebha, 1991-93.

vHead, Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, U. of K, 1998-2000.

vCo-opted Member of the Hydrobiological Research Unit and the Environmental Research Institute 1970-1973.

vMember of the National Committee for Culture, Education and Science of the UNESCO during 1981-1985.

vChairman of the Natural Science subcommittee in the above mentioned body and a member of the Sudanese delegation for UNESCO Conference at Sofia, 1985.

vMember of the Palaeontological Association, Britain, 1975-78.

vMember of the British Sedimentologial Research Group, 1975-1980.

vMember of the Sudanese Geological Society since 1980.

vMember of the committee for studying impact of Oil Discovery in the Sudan.

vMember of the study group of the Blue Nile Basin.

vMember of the General Union of the Sudanese Geologists.

vEditor, SAPEG journal, Sudanese Association of Petroleum Geoscientists.

vVice President of the Sudanese Association of Petroleum Geoscientists.

vMember of the Higher Commission for Arabicization, U of K.

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