1. Refereed papers and Research Work for Promotion of Dr. Abdulkadir el Hudeiri, Associate Professor, Dept of Earth Science, Univ. of Sebha, Libya, 1990.


  1. Refereed the work of Dr. Mutwakil Nafie for promotion for Associate Professorship at the Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Dongola, Sudan, 2007.


  1. A Member of Committee for assessing a book on Geological and Geochemical Exploration of Mineral Deposits by Prof. Hassanein M.A., for Perm. Committee for Academic Promotions, King Abdulaziz Univ., K.S.A

Document 31


  1. Assessed a text book on Invertebrate fossils by Dr. Bahlool Elyagoubi. Univ. of Tripoli, Libya, 1992.

Document 32


  1. AMember of the Editorial Board, SAPEG Journal, a QuaternaryJournalof the Sudanese Association of Petroleum

Geoscientists. First Issue published March 2011.

Document 33


  1. A Member of the editorial Board of  Sudapet  Book on the    Petroleum Geology and Resources of the Sudan.

Document 34