Sofia Mohammed Mohammed Hassan

Name:Sofia Mohammed Mohammed Hassan
Date of birth:02/07/1961
Address:كلية طب - جامعة افريقيا العالمية


Conferences / CME program / training courses...

Nephrology updates Bin sienna hospital Khartoum

CCD training course .

ARI training course .

IMCI training in Omdurman pediatric hospital  2000

royal hospital Muscat in Oman .2002

Update on managements of common problems in children M. of H./

royal hospital Muscat Oman 3/ April 2002 .

Basic life support course royal hospital / 2002 .

PALS course royal hospital M Muscat 2/2004 . then renew at 2010 at Sudan bard center

International neonatology symposium MOH at . Muscat Feb. / 2003 .

International child health symposium m . of h . 2003 then twice at Sudan last 2011 October .

Gastro intestinal work shop up / royal hospital Muscat .SAM work shop as facilitator from 2008 up 2012 .

Launching of Sudan standard  treatments and guidelines (SGT)  May 2015

THE 7 th Regional Teaching course in Sub Saharan Africa—October 2015

20 th pediatric conference  November 2015

ASPAE 7thcongress of African pediatric endocrinology  March 2016.

Employment records at consultant


  1. sohar hospital at Oman mystery of health :

duration : from 14/9/2000 to 31/1/2005 .

job title : specialist ( Oman m . of h , sohar hospital 400 beds . hospital , under consultant Dr , g.Banerjee MD  , MRCPCH



  1. Turkish hospital :

duration : from 2/7/1996   to     5/9/2000 .

job title : specialist ( work as head department of pediatrics) .



3-  Ibrahim malick hospital :

duration : august 1994 to July 1996

job title : specialist ( consultant proof .Mustafa mabybuii ) .



4-  Khartoum teaching hospital

duration : July 1993 to July 1994

job title : junior specialist( Khartoum teaching hospital c1

Word)  under consultant dr. yasein abu turkey and dr. same era Mustafa .

I have been updating my skills and knowledge by attending conferences , workshops and various courses.



5- Gaffer bin auf hospital

Currently I am working  at Gaffer bin auf specialized hospital as senior consultant at NICU departments were I joined in June 2005 .

I was  joined faculty of medicine and child health ; international  Africa university since 2007 and still working there as associate proof. Till now.

My motto is to keep update in my subject and learn new skills so that I can help the needy children / serve the community where ever I am working .


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Addressكلية طب - جامعة افريقيا العالمية

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